My vegetable themed dinner for Dad started off promising, with a beautiful ratatouille made accordian-style with yellow squash, zucchini, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, and herbs. I’m not gonna lie, it was amazing. It cooked for about two hours on low heat, just long enough for the vegetables to soften and the flavors to mingle and simmer. It smelled like garlic, rosemary, and summertime. This is one of those meals that doesn’t need anything to accompany it because it’s so savory and satisfying all on its own. 

But then I remembered I bought these waxy gold potatoes and I’m afraid it went down hill from there. Before I know it, I’m caught up in the moment and suddenly I’m whipping up a cheesy, melty, mushroomy, oniony potato gratin and before THAT even finishes I’m making a deep, dark, dense chocolate cake and OMYGOSH WOULDN’T IT BE DEE-VINE with an equally dark chocolate ganache cascading over top!? 

I’ve got to take a breath and get off my butter and chocolate bender, lest I end up on some show like True Life recounting the good ol’ days before I weighed 700lbs.


So pretty! Smitten Kitchen was my inspiration.

Found some raw sheep’s milk cheese today! … Which I definitely did NOT eat all by myself with a wad of warm sour dough bread. Nope!

Fun fact: Apparently it’s the lactose in dairy products that causes heart disease and artery blockages, but just because it’s dairy doesn’t make it inherently bad. Fermented dairy products like cheese and yogurt are stripped of lactose in the aging process and (by my logic) are basically health foods! 

This is good news for me, since cheese is practically its own food group in my house (in a perfect world where I wouldn’t eat kombucha and wheat germ for breakfast, butter and chocolate would come in as close seconds – DON’T JUDGE ME!)

Hungry for the Riviera’s sun on my shoulders, a flaky baguette, a sprawling, abundant outdoor market, and a bottle glass of red.