A-ha #1

Whatever you’re doing right now, be fully immersed in it. Work it to completion, to perfection and you’ll be in perfect position for the next greater task ahead of you. 

We hear cliches or variations thereof almost every day. They become meaningless and empty after a while and though we know they had meaning somewhere way down the line, we don’t often assume, digest, and apply it. 

Today I got a flattering and joyfully uplifting letter from a dear friend offering me a really cool, fun opportunity I’d love to be a part of. The catch is, this opportunity would conflict with my “real” job and part of me instantly began to fret over the details of how I would work this New Thing out with my Old Reliable Thing. I immediately flew into Plan Mode where my mind runs through a dozen different scenarios and potential obstacles and complications but then – I stopped. I shut up. Why? Because those details don’t matter. This New Thing is something I’ve literally day dreamed about and doing this New Thing makes me feel alive. I know this is a good place, this New Thing, and I’ll pursue it. 

The details are none of my business. My current task at hand is just to show up for my part and leave the rest up to the Chairman. 


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