One of my sisters who shall remain nameless (ahem), reminded me once again today how equally blissful and terrifying it is to have the whole world in front of you without knowing any of what’s ahead. I’m equal parts frustrated by and envious of her oblivious and innocent approach to life. 

She is someone who obsesses over her physical shortcomings. She wants nothing more than to have porcelain veneers installed (SURELY that’s not the right word, but that’s how I see it) on her beautiful teeth and finds the $8k price tag (for the four top and bottom teeth) a “great investment.” She finds this SO valuable that she thinks getting a credit card to cover this expense is very worthwhile. Well, no worries, she’s been talked out of that approach but STILL! The logic escapes me completely.

This is obviously not a smart decision. I went to college, I got a good job, and consider myself reasonably intelligent in general, and I know this is not a good decision. All of my life’s experiences so far tell me this is NOT a good decision. YET! I find myself wishing I had that same irresponsible, live-only-in-the-moment-because-who-cares-about-the-future approach to life that she does. But no. I think about my credit score, I get my oil changed when I need to, I take my vitamins religiously, I pay all my bills on time, I make sure to get plenty of rest and drink 8 glasses of water daily AND I floss every day. Like, duh? What am I, an animal?!

I’m not complaining! Not in the least! My “adult” life is independent and gratifying and I wouldn’t trade it with my sweet sister’s even if I could. I’m just wondering where I left my childhood… I’ve mistakenly thought I was walking around with training wheels this whole time and no one bothered to tell me they fell off and now I’m left with is this big girl bike, on which, I can barely reach the pedals. 

What can I do? I have no idea where this new ride is taking me but at least it’s pretty!


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