Adrien’s worst nightmare is coming true… I’m accumulating more stuff! Don’t give me that look – I need this. I keep telling him to just imagine how much money I’ll save by skipping Starbucks to make my brews at home. This thing pays for itself, silly!

I was having Starbucks the other day and was enjoying myself until I realized it’s really not that delicious. It’s way too acidic and usually too bitter unless you add sweetener and cream. Coffee can be so fine and indulgent when made well, and naturally, I decided then and there that I could do it better… but not without the proper accessories! Duh!

I have day dreams of making a french vanilla, organic latte that I can sip lazily while sitting on my terrace on a crisp October Saturday morning, as I reflect on ALL THE MONEY I’M SAVING! Also! With my new toy, I’ll also be able to offer guests an after dinner cappuccino, which I always loved the idea of. How good does that sound?! Here, I’ll help you out… that sounds AMAZING! 

And for just $80, this blissful dream can be mine.


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