The problem with yoga

I’ve been looking around Tampa for new yoga studios and different types of classes to check out since the only “it” thing nowadays is anything hot. Hot yoga, bikram, hot power yoga, etc., and in the middle of Florida’s summer, I’m more interested in practicing in an arctic tundra than a sauna. Since that doesn’t exist, I opt to find the next best thing: a regular vinyasa flow (which, BTW, doesn’t exist here either). 

In my search, I came across a yoga studio where a one-month membership will run you upwards of $150 (also not unusual), and they still have the audacity to ask for a “oneness blessing suggested love offering” in the amount of $20.

That abruptly snapped me out of my profound meditative calm to ask, “Are you f*cking high?!” 

I’m all about taking a noble practice like yoga and transforming it into a lucrative venture, but there’s a clear point where it becomes a cheap, trendy exploit and that’s where all meaning is lost. I love to teach yoga and I’d love even more to make a killing while doing so, but what are people paying for? As a student, I know I pay for the opportunity to learn from someone more skilled than I am and to hopefully glean a little bit from their experiences and incorporate the most powerful ones into my practice and my own classes.

I don’t even know what that means, “oneness blessing suggested love offering”… Sounds adulterous to me!


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