I’m reflecting on my early teaching days and have to laugh at what an embarrassment I was! No, seriously. I’m surprised someone didn’t stop me. Besides being a total wreck with my choreography and hardly being able to put together a coherent sentence when in front of people, I clearly had not gotten my wardrobe together either. 

I had this pair of yoga pants that were so old and so worn and in desperate need of a replacement, but refused to give them up because they were SO comfy! I wore them to every class until finally, they ripped. They actually ripped twice. The first was just a hole on the front of the thigh that I actually stapled closed each time (you know, so you couldn’t see my skin, OBVIOUSLY)! The next time was when I finally gave it up because they ripped right in the center of the seam that went down my butt… Yeah, not doing any splits with that one! 

This seems to be the theme of my life lately. We will always have to part ways with the old if we want to the opportunity to have something new. Even if we hold on to the old out of habit and convenience, it only hurts us in the end because it crowds our space and leaves so little room for new to come.

Maybe I’m making more than I need to our an old pair of yoga pants, but I will say that now, my standards are higher and the only yoga pants I wear are by Lululemon. And yeah, they’re the bomb! 


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