I’m neurotic

I have a knack for dramatically lamenting over whatever annoying situation I find myself in, even if it’s not that bad (okay, okay, MOST of the time it’s not that bad). I can throw the best pity party this side of town and you KNOW I won’t disappoint because it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! My tea is too hot, the leg on this chair is loose, my back hurts, don’t yell at me!

No more! I’m giving myself a kick in the ass (but not too hard… that Brat down under is just waiting to flip her hair and cock an attitude and I can’t have that)! I’ll be welcoming the present moment in all its imperfect glory. 

There’s clean laundry sitting in the dryer all day? That’s ok, I have more exciting things to do. That leg on the chair is STILL loose? No biggy, nobody sits there anyway! How many times does it take me to poach a perfect egg? Who’s counting?! My mid- to late-year resolution is to stop putting all my attention on useless details and refocus on ones that produce something. All I want for myself is to forge a life I love. 

So. Writing in a little rambly blog that three people read but makes me happy? Sure! Busting out more random yoga poses in my kitchen, living room, garage, or anywhere else I happen to be when the mood strikes because it makes me feel like a superhero? Absolutely!

Getting Starbucks immediately because that’s what the present moment is telling me to do?! Oh, I’m on it!


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