2011: I couldn’t get enough of…

1. Shellac! This picture was taken on day 9. Totally worth the $30. I even think they’d look better if I didn’t do so many dishes over the holidays and teach in a 105 degree room. Good stuff!

2. Breakfast for dinner. 

3. Organic mocha cappuccinos at home. They’re things of beauty around here!

4. … and I like drinking them out of my new favorite cups: Bodum Bistro mugs

5. Things with thumb holes (that’s what she said!):

my Lululemon hoodie

The Buddha bowl!

6. Arm balances:

7. Lady Gaga (she is 24! 24!) She’s created a massive following and influenced an entire generation’s pop culture. She’s kind of a freak, but that’s impressive! What are YOU doing today?

8. Teaching my Hot Power Yoga class.

Sarah’s first headstand ever! Such a proud yoga mama :-]

9. Lululemon has got me by the you-know-whats! Now I don’t know how I ever got dressed without my Wunder Under Leggings. They’re pretty heavy (so no see-thru no matter what you do) and they stay put even through an intense work-out. No having to readjust after coming out of your downdawg (that was a typo but then I liked it better!) or your jog.

This was pretty much Erin:

And then I had to have the crops:

I probably bought six pairs this year. Help me.

10. Reading for yoga/spiritual growth: Gabrielle Bernstein, Earl Nightingale (thanks to my Frenchman), Malcomn Gladwell, and all of my Ray Long yoga books.

It’s been a good year. Do you have any 2011 Favorites worth sharing?


Vision Boards > Resolutions

Why hello there!

I can’t believe 2011 is already about to end! I’m not generally a New Years Resolution kind of person, but I definitely am an arts and crafts person (Will there be glitter in this post? Please tell me there will be glitter!)! So instead of trying to ring in the new year with a laundry list of impulse goals for 2012, I thought I’d try a vision board instead. I like this idea better than a resolution, because instead of giving ourselves a ginormous build-up during which we make grandiose promises to do x-y-z and end up falling flat once the confetti settles, this board looks at you every day as a gentle reminder of all the things you truly desire for yourself.

So what’s my “goal” for 2012? To look at my little creation every day, to remain sensitive to potential opportunities as they come, and to continue to let inspiration follow me so I can keep on rockin’ my classes, my book, and my career like a good little drone, errr, I mean a productive adult citizen. (Damn you auto correct!)

My board is still a work in progress (and I’m sorry, but I blurred out some of the text!):

You still get the idea :-]

While this is cute and all, visions still require you to put in the work (I know, booo!). You can’t just “envision” something and then go eat a sandwich (double boo!). I think since books like The Secret became popular and Oprah started talking about things like visualization and the law of attraction, etc. (although we all know how much I love Oprah… and The Secret), popular interpretation of that stuff says that if we just want something it’ll happen. And sometimes it does, but most of the time it requires your effort.

All that to say, I like this idea! For me, it’ll serve as a constant reminder of all the things I’m looking to gain this year, and to take steps every day that will get me closer to that end.

Vision boards > Resolutions, Corniness > Everything! :-]

Cheers to a great year! [And to a very celebratory bowl of scrambled eggs and a spoon full  of homemade marinara – it’s delicious! More on that sweet bowl & its contents tomorrow. I’m coming back with a vengeance and a list of things I just died over this year.]

Your New Favorite Food Group


Okay maybe not, but I did discover the most awesome thing to do with your leftovers:

We have about 10lbs of turkey left over from Christmas dinner because we bought a 20lb bird for about 5 people. Score! I do math good.

Anywho, we have to eat it. So Adrien pulled the turkey apart and tossed it in a pan with…

a little of this and a little of that…

Plus a hefty pinch of garlic, chili powder, and S&P. Obviously, the choice of BBQ sauce is yours, but this is all we had on hand. Toss around in the pan until it’s nice and hot.

And voila!

It was delicious and healthy-ish and it only took 5 minutes. If that!

I feel great because my legs are still sore & recovering from last night’s yoga class. So instead of running like we’re suppose to, I’m taking a mental health day with my love so we can relax and have a cuppa. :]


Any other clever ideas to do with the remaining turkey?

A Little Belated Christmas Spirit

I hope everyone had a magical and family-filled Christmas yesterday and is still enjoying the day-after festivities with loved ones.

Yesterday evening we did our gift exchange…

Adrien got me some sweet Henri Bendel bling I’d been eyeing for about a month:

We ate a delicious breakfast on corny holiday dishware (that’s the sweet potato hash we made a couple weeks ago, but with kale mixed in):

Then these babies made their debut at my house and we haven’t been the same since!

I made the recipe from this website –> http://www.recipegirl.com/2010/12/08/sharing-my-addiction-candy-cane-kisses/

They were so good and they looked like little Santas so I couldn’t help myself. :] My corny radar went off the charts as soon as my friend snapped a pic of her own batch. Imagine a sugar cookie with a hint of peppermint and white chocolate (I know, I know – there is a God!). It was very tasty and since Adrien doesn’t like that combo, most of them were for me. Double win!

Now I’m suffering post-Christmas blues and need a sugary (but maybe savory?) pick-me-up. What’s your favorite thing to make post-holiday madness?

First Reader Request!


Moving on…

So this post is dedicated to getting Buns to Die For (buns as in butts, not buns of the cinnamon variety ;]).

Once upon a time when I didn’t have a big girl job and all I did was study, play with cute babies, teach yoga, and work out, I had a pretty rockin’ bod. I can’t lie, I had a re-donk badonk! I mean, I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but… toot toot! ;]

Are you still reading?!

So this week I had a request for a list of the best exercises for hitting the glutes (or “going deep into the butt” if you’re in my yoga class, BAHAHA! Are you keeping track of all the corny outdated euphemisms I’m using here?! You need to be, because Adrien’s not around to proof this so it’s open season).

ANYWAY, performed in a circuit (& with proper diet, blah blah), these are some of the best:

Squats. I used to start using just the bar and do 10 deep squats just to warm up. I’d go through the circuit once, then begin with squats again, upping the weight to total 70 lbs and go for 8 reps. Go through the circuit, come back here to begin again. This time, upping the weight to 80 lbs and go for 6 reps. Keep going up in weight, down in reps for as many rounds as you like.

-Weighted walking lunges. I used to usually hold 20 lb weights in each hand and walk deep, slow lunges. 10 lunges on each side.

– One-legged dead lift. If you do nothing else at the gym for glutes/hamstrings, do these! I think the other exercises worked really well, but this one is the best and works even better in conjunction with all the others. I used to hold 25 lbs in each hand and do 10 reps/side.

So it’ll go: squats 10 reps -> walking lunges 10/side -> deadlift 10/side – repeat circuit x4.

*Obviously, adjust the weights accordingly. Don’t worry about getting huge if you’re a little lady like me. I used fairly heavy weights at the height of my training and never “bulked” up.

Nobody wants that, because this ain’t cute:


That’s hilarious AND repulsive!

Sticky, gooey, cinnamon heaven!

I’ve had a hankering for cinnamon rolls for like a week, and I didn’t want to go with the store-bought variety. So I searched and searched and I found the most complicated recipe in the universe to make despite it being the first time I make them from scratch. I kept seing from other people that they’re just not the same unless you let the dough sit overnight, so you see my predicament.

Totally worth it. And it’s not even that bad, so don’t let the “prep time” scare you. It’s easy, there’s just a few extra steps.

I followed this recipe –> http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/overnight-cinnamon-rolls-recipe/index.html to the letter and they came out great! The only thing I changed was that I did NOT cook it for 30 minutes! Cook for about 18 mins and you’re golden. Any longer and they’re a little on the crunchy side.

A little cinnamon sugar for zee filling. :]

(And I couldn’t be bothered to bust out the SLR, so these are courtesy of my trusty iPhone. Enjoy that yellow sheen everything has ;] How appealing!)


Weird yellow color, but I promise it looks a lot friendlier in the real light.


Roll ’em up, cut ’em up! Cute little snowman optional. (Although, not in my house, much to Adrien’s dismay.)


Finished product, sans frosting.


ther than these, my week has been uneventful so far. You know you have to get out of your routine when your “mixing it up” means parking on the left side of the garage instead of the right. Livin’ on the edge over here! It’s time for some change and I think I’m gonna make an inspiration board (more on that later!) for the new year.

Keep visiting me here and leaving love in my inbox. Makes my day!