New Bloggie and Breakfast Heaven

I don’t even know what else to say about this other than it basically changed my breakfast life. I don’t even understand how because it’s literally two ingredients, but it did. It’s like love. Like peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, a perfect pair I don’t even know how I lived without up to this point.

I was making an Omelette Beast this weekend and was trying to ignore a sad looking sweet potato I had lying around for like a week. It just sat on the counter all morning glaring at me, looking all dejected. So I sauteed that little guy in some avocado oil until it softened and browned just right and looked so good and healthy. But it just felt… lacking.

Big Breakfast

Then I added bacon, the obvious choice, which I bought on sale at Whole Paycheck and from that point on, I fell off the nutritional bandwagon. And then I ate the wagon.

Sweet Potato Hash

1 large organic sweet potato, peeled and chopped into small cubes

5 slices of good quality, organic bacon, also chopped roughly

Avocado oil (or other high heat cooking oil)

2 T butter

Start with a generous swirl of oil around a hot hot pan and add the sweet potato. Cook it until it’s nice and tender, or about 15 minutes. As the oil dries up and gets absorbed, you’ll want to add some butter to keep it from sticking (I just noticed that some of my pans are from the dark ages where non-stick pans didn’t exist, so disregard the butter if you’re a fancy pants. I’m looking at you, Calphalon!). Once the bacon is browned, you’re done. Yah! No seriously, that’s it!

You can make it and thank me later. Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic.

Somehow we ended up with these on our grocery shopping trip, which I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH…

This is only a bad sign because the bag is empty... and I bought it Saturday.

And look at my shiny new blog, courtesy of my Beloved man! How cute! :-]


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