“Oh, impulse buying, my favorite hobby!”

Here’s a list of 100 things I could/should/would like to buy for $29 + shipping:

Just kidding. I wouldn’t do that to you. 😉

But for the record, designer fig colored ramekins would fall fairly low on that list.

… and yet …

… here we are, ramekins in hand (all the way on the right, they look so pretty in person!).

OpenSky made me do it! I really loved them at first sight because I pictured them filled with little orange cheesecakes (dessert for one, corny, yay!) and OHMIGAWSH the orange color  of the cheesecake would contrast so nicely with that purple!

So, long story short, they took too long to ship here so I made one giant ugly vegan cheesecake which tasted horrible. Like, the flavor of bread with the texture of ricotta cheese. So yeah, monster fail.

But I still have my ramekins and they’re still sitting pretty in my cabinet waiting on their next assignment.

Any ideas?

Funny story time! Sometimes my Frenchman says things I have to laugh at: While discussing the Christmas day menu, I asked if he wanted stuffing, to which he replied, “Yeah but if a stuffing has too much celery in it, it’s pretty much meaningless to me.” I LMAO’d at that because SERIOUSLY, sometimes when your FACE has too much COMPLAINING on it, it’s pretty much meaningless to me… 


5 thoughts on ““Oh, impulse buying, my favorite hobby!”

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