First Reader Request!


Moving on…

So this post is dedicated to getting Buns to Die For (buns as in butts, not buns of the cinnamon variety ;]).

Once upon a time when I didn’t have a big girl job and all I did was study, play with cute babies, teach yoga, and work out, I had a pretty rockin’ bod. I can’t lie, I had a re-donk badonk! I mean, I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but… toot toot! ;]

Are you still reading?!

So this week I had a request for a list of the best exercises for hitting the glutes (or “going deep into the butt” if you’re in my yoga class, BAHAHA! Are you keeping track of all the corny outdated euphemisms I’m using here?! You need to be, because Adrien’s not around to proof this so it’s open season).

ANYWAY, performed in a circuit (& with proper diet, blah blah), these are some of the best:

Squats. I used to start using just the bar and do 10 deep squats just to warm up. I’d go through the circuit once, then begin with squats again, upping the weight to total 70 lbs and go for 8 reps. Go through the circuit, come back here to begin again. This time, upping the weight to 80 lbs and go for 6 reps. Keep going up in weight, down in reps for as many rounds as you like.

-Weighted walking lunges. I used to usually hold 20 lb weights in each hand and walk deep, slow lunges. 10 lunges on each side.

– One-legged dead lift. If you do nothing else at the gym for glutes/hamstrings, do these! I think the other exercises worked really well, but this one is the best and works even better in conjunction with all the others. I used to hold 25 lbs in each hand and do 10 reps/side.

So it’ll go: squats 10 reps -> walking lunges 10/side -> deadlift 10/side – repeat circuit x4.

*Obviously, adjust the weights accordingly. Don’t worry about getting huge if you’re a little lady like me. I used fairly heavy weights at the height of my training and never “bulked” up.

Nobody wants that, because this ain’t cute:


That’s hilarious AND repulsive!


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