A Little Belated Christmas Spirit

I hope everyone had a magical and family-filled Christmas yesterday and is still enjoying the day-after festivities with loved ones.

Yesterday evening we did our gift exchange…

Adrien got me some sweet Henri Bendel bling I’d been eyeing for about a month:

We ate a delicious breakfast on corny holiday dishware (that’s the sweet potato hash we made a couple weeks ago, but with kale mixed in):

Then these babies made their debut at my house and we haven’t been the same since!

I made the recipe from this website –> http://www.recipegirl.com/2010/12/08/sharing-my-addiction-candy-cane-kisses/

They were so good and they looked like little Santas so I couldn’t help myself. :] My corny radar went off the charts as soon as my friend snapped a pic of her own batch. Imagine a sugar cookie with a hint of peppermint and white chocolate (I know, I know – there is a God!). It was very tasty and since Adrien doesn’t like that combo, most of them were for me. Double win!

Now I’m suffering post-Christmas blues and need a sugary (but maybe savory?) pick-me-up. What’s your favorite thing to make post-holiday madness?


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