Your New Favorite Food Group


Okay maybe not, but I did discover the most awesome thing to do with your leftovers:

We have about 10lbs of turkey left over from Christmas dinner because we bought a 20lb bird for about 5 people. Score! I do math good.

Anywho, we have to eat it. So Adrien pulled the turkey apart and tossed it in a pan with…

a little of this and a little of that…

Plus a hefty pinch of garlic, chili powder, and S&P. Obviously, the choice of BBQ sauce is yours, but this is all we had on hand. Toss around in the pan until it’s nice and hot.

And voila!

It was delicious and healthy-ish and it only took 5 minutes. If that!

I feel great because my legs are still sore & recovering from last night’s yoga class. So instead of running like we’re suppose to, I’m taking a mental health day with my love so we can relax and have a cuppa. :]


Any other clever ideas to do with the remaining turkey?


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