2011: I couldn’t get enough of…

1. Shellac! This picture was taken on day 9. Totally worth the $30. I even think they’d look better if I didn’t do so many dishes over the holidays and teach in a 105 degree room. Good stuff!

2. Breakfast for dinner. 

3. Organic mocha cappuccinos at home. They’re things of beauty around here!

4. … and I like drinking them out of my new favorite cups: Bodum Bistro mugs

5. Things with thumb holes (that’s what she said!):

my Lululemon hoodie

The Buddha bowl!

6. Arm balances:

7. Lady Gaga (she is 24! 24!) She’s created a massive following and influenced an entire generation’s pop culture. She’s kind of a freak, but that’s impressive! What are YOU doing today?

8. Teaching my Hot Power Yoga class.

Sarah’s first headstand ever! Such a proud yoga mama :-]

9. Lululemon has got me by the you-know-whats! Now I don’t know how I ever got dressed without my Wunder Under Leggings. They’re pretty heavy (so no see-thru no matter what you do) and they stay put even through an intense work-out. No having to readjust after coming out of your downdawg (that was a typo but then I liked it better!) or your jog.

This was pretty much Erin:

And then I had to have the crops:

I probably bought six pairs this year. Help me.

10. Reading for yoga/spiritual growth: Gabrielle Bernstein, Earl Nightingale (thanks to my Frenchman), Malcomn Gladwell, and all of my Ray Long yoga books.

It’s been a good year. Do you have any 2011 Favorites worth sharing?


2 thoughts on “2011: I couldn’t get enough of…

  1. Hi There, I picked up on a link to your blog just to see what you had to say about Choffy, I just became a distributer recently. But honestly, I never even got to your review on that, I have been enjoying many aspects of your blog and writing. I am a runner, blogger, and teach body sculpt, pilates, and just picked up my first Yoga, stretch and strength class. I am a little nervous and am wanting to glean all the info I can get my hands on. If you could pick one Yoga source, your favorite book, dvd, pose…..whatever. What would you recommend for this newbie?? I have written down your books above. Love your vision board idea…..Great blog!

    • Hi! I’m so happy you shared your thoughts, that just made my day! I say that with total sincerity, too :-] I love that you teach all of these different classes, that’s great! Right off the bat, I’d HIGHLY recommend any of the Ray Long books for yoga. They’re very inspiring and so informative… great for all levels. I’ve been teaching for 5 years and still refer back to them on a weekly basis. Although, I’m also going to be making a few videos in the coming weeks to help everyone brush up on their yoga practice, so stay tuned for that. :-]

      Thank you again! Hope to see you around ;-]

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