New Years Sniffles

Oh why yes, I am sick again! Only a little and I’m trying to kick whatever it is before my very busy week begins tomorrow.

It’s better to eat a light-ish meal when you’re feeling under the weather than eat a full 3-course meal or something. So here was my …

Cold Busting Dinner!

One giant red bell pepper, sliced

Hummus – with a squeeze of lemon juice, a pinch of garlic and cayenne pepper… for breath of champions! ;-]

+ a nice hot cup of white tea

Bell peppers pack more than 3x your daily value of vitamin C, which is about 3x more than an orange. Hurrah! Garlic is a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, and lemon is very cleansing. White tea is highest in anti-oxidants and is way more effective at bolstering the immune system against viruses and bacteria than green tea. 

Plus, the ramekins got to make a reappearance!

I’m off to rest for the evening, and I’ve got a date with my Love and the Hoarders of TLC. That sh*t is my favorite train wreck today! I’ve been parked on the couch most of the evening watching because I just can’t look away! Adrien made me do it. Yeah, we’ll go with that. ;-]


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