Dinner for 2

I’m still sicky, so I took it easy at home most of the day. I felt well enough to leave the house, so Adrien and I took it outside.

For a long walk by the water…

I really wanted pasta with marinara for dinner but I forgot to pick some up at the store. So I was left to my own devices with a can of tomatoes and a few kitchen staples. Good thing, because now I have an amazingly good and easy creation to share with you all.

Date Night Marinara

Feeds about 2 (if you’re greedy like us ;-] – after a while I ate it like soup it was so good!)

2 12oz. can whole peeled tomatoes

half of a large onion, don’t worry about chopping it

2 crushed garlic cloves

couple splashes of dry white wine (totally optional)

handfull of basil

4 T unsalted butter (half a stick)

S&P to taste

Put the tomatoes and their juice, the onion (cut side down), garlic, basil, butter and spices in a large pot. Bring it all to a gentle boil, then reduce heat to a simmer and let it go for about 30-40 mins. Serve over your favorite pasta and bam! That’s it! It may look a little thin, but it’s even better the next day. So easy and quick. Plus, it thickens up and all the flavors get to play nice overnight, so it’s well worth the cook time.

Oh and I don’t want to forget to mention that by the time it’s done cooking, the onion gets super soft, falls apart, and you can eat it plain because it’s so sweet and drippy with savory tomato sauce. Mouth. Watering.


Show and tell! What’s the best random thing you’ve cooked? Like, it’s crunch time – and dinner time, you forgot to hit the grocery store after work, you just came back from the gym, and you made…


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