Reader Request!: My Grocery List

Grocery shopping is an olympic event over here, and I’m pretty confident meal-planning is equally annoying in everyone else’s house. I’m not a big planner in general (shocker), but when it comes to food shopping, I’m pretty much the boss. I always have a list and I always   usually stick with it. :-]

mixed greens for salad
baby carrots
bell peppers
ginger root
sweet potato

seasonal fruit:

organic/grass fed/hormone free bison or beef
ditto for the chicken
fresh tuna (but even the canned stuff is good in sandwiches, spreads, on top of salads, etc.)

organic eggs
organic 2% milk (for coffee/cooking only)
sheep’s milk cheese
goat’s milk yogurt

edamame in the shell
a few Amy’s meals… to fall back on for lazy mornings when I wake up 15 minutes before having to leave and have no time for making lunch :]

almond butter
ezekiel pasta
canned tomatoes

pirate’s booty veggie puffs
protein bars

                    we like these:

This lends itself to plenty of supah fast meals, which are the usual fare in my house. No fancy schtuff here until the weekend. Here’s some of the typical ones:

Breakfasts: eggs + fruit; oatmeal with protein powder + almond butter; pomegranate (these things are beastly huge) and a lightly sweetened latte.

Lunches: little pasta + small salad; big salad with half a chicken breast; Amy’s meal + 1/2 avocado.

Dinners: pasta + broccoli; burgers + salad; omelettes + kale.

May not be very inventive, but it’s perfect for weeks full of overtime, kitchen laziness, wanting to eat healthy and not wanting to spend money eating out 5x a week.


Keep an eye out – sometime next week will be the FIRST giveaway! I’ll give you a hint: it’s fitness related an you can probably wear it. EEEE, excited! 😀


4 thoughts on “Reader Request!: My Grocery List

    • Kombucha is type of tea. It’s fermented so it has a slight “wine”-ish taste to it, and it’s a little carbonated. I’ll be honest, it takes some getting used to, but it’s extremely beneficial for the health. It’s amazing for digestion and it’s anti-carcinogenic. Here’s the brand I get:
      If you look up pictures of “kombucha” in Google, it’s gonna gross youout, haha. But it doesn’t look quite that way in the store, and the best flavors (most mild, I think) are mystic mango and the guava one.

      Just don’t drink a whole bottle the first few times. A few sips is good to get your system started. 🙂 Nothing terrible will happen but it can have a very… cleansing effect if you drink too much.

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