Snack @ the mall + Hidden Gems

What does Erin love more than cooking and yoga?! Awesome deals!

I drink tea daily and usually multiple times a day, which is why I was all “SHUT! UP!” when I saw a sweet little tea accessory chillin’ all by itself over at Teavana today.

75% off! So I got it for $3.75 down from $15! Last one, too.

A friend at work noticed the huge dent in the back of the box and she goes, “It even looks like people fought over it!” Girl after my own heart.

So I got two treasures from my trip, which also included my fave iced tea concoction:

Ask for Apple Lemon Pomegranate & Blueberry Bliss mixed with 2tsp of the rock sugar. It’s just sweet enough. They usually use 1/4 cup of sugar and call that “mildly sweet.” Blech!

Next on my list: Choffy! Picture melted chocolate that tastes like coffee and cocoa. Come to mama! More on that when it arrives. :-]


This weekend! GIVEAWAY! Yay! It’s clothing, be ready. :-]

Something just for fun:


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