Pinterest + free time = lofty ideas

And I’m struggling. I had this grandiose plan of buying a bunch of cute, multi-colored file folders complete with typed up labels that would look “together” and “adult” so I could finally get organized. In my daydream, these folders held all my important stuff: finances, auto, health, receipts, coupons. You know. Some of these folders, namely the “coupon” folder would sit conveniently by the front door, so I could nonchalantly grab what I need from it on my way out. Made sense. So I tried it out…

I tackled the GIGANTIC paper monster that’s been haunting me for about a year…

That’s about half. And this is after I sorted and shredded about 20 lbs of paperwork that isn’t featured here.

And I put the stuff I always need at hand in something like this so I could leave it in the little cabinet by the front door.

Anyway, all of this sounded ahh-may-zing when I thought about it — and when I pinned it, hullo!

But then I actually implemented all this crap and realized it totally isn’t working! Who does this? My problem is probably a lack of planning, because I’ll go out for a grocery shopping trip and drive all the way to Whole Foods, whose neighbors are DSW and the Vitamin Shoppe. Both of whom sent me coupons. So at WF I get the brilliant idea to head on over to both so I can use said coupons, and WHAM! Then they’re nowhere to be found. Because instead of being balled up at the bottom of my purse where they be-long, they’re sitting in some stupid folder on our entry table. I miss the wad of papers in my purse that were always there. This is not a “mess,” this is accessibility. ;-]

Organization is nonsense. I do not recommend. UNPIN!


Speaking of coupons, good thing I didn’t need any to get these babies. Sam Edelman @ Nordstrom Rack 50% off! Snagged ‘em. I’ve needed leopard flats for like 5 months… Priorities.

Did you buy anything good on sale this week?!


One thought on “Pinterest + free time = lofty ideas

  1. I commend you for trying your BIG idea. I look at things on pinterest and think “wow, that’s really neat!” And then never even build up the ambition to attempt!

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