Stay-at-home Abs Part I

Like I said before, I love doing abs. We do them quite a lot in my classes, and any time I’m at the gym, I save them for last because they’re my fave. Since I’m sure many of you started new work-out regimens for the new year, I thought it was only fair to share some of the best with you. :-]

Here’s 3 (with mostly made-up names):

Straight leg “twist tie” bicycles.
1. Start with legs straight over the hips and the hands cradling the head.  Gently lift the shoulders off the floor.
2. Drop the left leg down so it hovers above the ground, then twist it slightly under the right, like a twist tie.
Like this:

3. Then cross the left elbow towards the right knee, legs still twisted (this picture was taken at a different time from the last one, hence my legs are wrong :-] sorry!).
Repeat on left side to finish one rep. Complete 8 per side.

2. Side plank hip dips.
1. Start in a side plank, with feet stacked and the shoulders over the elbow.

2. Dip the hips down so they tap the floor, then pop them back up to where you started. Repeat 12x per side.

3. Ardha Navasana (I only know the ‘yoga’ name for this, but it’s something like “lowered boat.” The more you know!)
1. Begin in full boat pose.

2. Slide down into a lower variation…
3. … then pop back up to boat, and repeat 12x.

And voila! Anything is better than nothing, but I’d recommend trying to do this whole circuit about 3 times. I’ll be putting more up for staying at home and some of the ones I like doing at the gym where there’s a few more accessories to work with. Hope you likey. :-]


One of today’s food things:

Not exactly the picture of health because it’s super processed, but SO good for a fast snack! It was chocolatey but not too sweet, and sticky and crunchy and yum! AND on sale for 87 cents at Whole Foods! Win.


7 thoughts on “Stay-at-home Abs Part I

    • They carry stuff that doesn’t have any chemicals or corn syrup, but that’s not to say everything is totally healthy. Most of the things they have there are at least better than the junk food alternatives.

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