Stay-at-home abs (or take ’em to the gym!) – Part II

Hi guys :-]

Here’s some more ab work for ya. These can be used at the gym or at home, and if you need an exercise ball you can pick one up at TJ Maxx for about $10.

Bosu Crunches
1. Set up by laying down with the lower back resting at the edge of the ball
2. Lie back and extend the opposite arm and opposite leg. So in this case, the left leg is out, and the right arm is bent behind the head with the elbow just barely touching the floor.
3. And crunch elbow to knee. Repeat 12x on each side. Each time you lay out, go all the way back so both the arm and elbow graze the floor. 
Stability ball knee tucks
1. Set up by putting both of the ankles on the ball and brace yourself on a chair or bench.
2. Like this!3. Pull the knees into the chest and let the ball roll down to the toes. Extend again, repeat 10x.

Plank for 1 minute
Line the elbows under the shoulders, keep the hips tucked low so the spine is straight, put the feet at hip width, and hold.
Repeat that circuit 2-3 times.
Little post workout snack:
Poached egg with Ezekiel toast. Try to eat protein from real food after you exercise. It’s a lot more beneficial than a powder or something.

Have a wonderful day! I’ll see you tomorrow with some snacks + recipes. :-]


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