The Upper Crust

Bread isn’t really my weakness when it comes to foods I shouldn’t have much of, but if it’s hot out of the oven, I wouldn’t kick it out of bed if you know what I mean. ;-]

I found this recipe on Pinterest (shocker!) and although mine isn’t as photogenic, it was super easy and turned out amazingly good.

The recipe called for 3 c whole wheat flour and 2 c of regular unbleached all purpose flour. Now that I think of it, I would have subbed the AP flour for something healthier like spelt (… which I just bought an entire bag of, grr! Don’t ya hate when you do that?)
A useless cameo by yours truly:
TA-DA! Check out that crust! It was crunchy and warm and SO delicious! The recipe made two loaves, one of which is already almost gone because it was just begging to be smeared with almond butter and eaten ravenously with a cup of tea.
Today’s tea of choice was mint, because there’s an EXTREME abundance of it growing outside and short of eating it straight out of the dirt (I’m not that hippie yet), tea is about the only thing I can think of using it for right now. Sprinkling it over sliced peaches sounds pretty awesome though, too. Any ideas?
In other news I’ve gotten tons of requests for restorative or stress relieving yoga poses. I’ve got a few in mind, but if there’s anything else you want included in there just lemme know! :-]

A little Sunday inspiration to get your week off to a strong start…


Stay-at-home abs part III

ALL new stuff with this one. I did these in my class the other night and they were pretty intense. If you can manage to do three sets of 15 for each exercise, you’ll be killin’ it by the summer! ;-]

1. Planks with attitude.
Start in a regular plank with the hips nice and low so you have a long, neutral spine.
Next, lift one foot off the ground (doesn’t matter which side, because you’ll want to repeat whatever you do on the opposite one as well).
Finally, squeeze the lifted knee in towards the side ribs so you feel a good burn in the obliques!
Stay lifted, extend the leg back and keep on crunchin’! Do 15x each side.

2. Knee Circle Side Planks.
Start in a side plank with the wrist under the shoulder. (LOL @ my face!)
Bring the bottom knee up towards the chest so you get a crunch through the middle, keeping the hips lifted. Open the knee away from you and make 15 small circles in that direction. Try to keep the rest of the body stable while you circle the knee, that way the work is focused on the core.

3. Weighted bicycles.
Start with the knees over the hips and the arms extended over head.
Take the left hand and grab the opposite arm above the elbow. Extend the right leg forward and hover it above the ground.
Reach the right arm across the body towards the knee. It should feel like a diagonal crunch. Think right shoulder to opposite hip.
Repeat 15x on each side.

Let me know how you like it!

Healthy snacking

As I’ve said before, I detest diet food. Anything sugar free, substitutes for real stuff, low fat, low calorie… just no. I’d rather eat real cheese than some fat free version made in a Kraft lab. Real, whole foods are so much better for you than anything artificial, just keep bad fats and sugars in check and in moderation. I know it sounds hippy-ish, but I really think we absorb more from our food when we thoroughly enjoy it instead of convincing ourselves to eat something that just doesn’t taste good.

OK, I’ll jump off my soapbox now so I can share some of my favorite snacks with you. :] I hate being hungry so I eat a lot throughout the day, just in small quantities. Toss the sugar free pudding because I have some better options for ya!

The Usual Suspects over here:
Rosemary crackers/toast with a few slices of avocado on top. Add a pinch of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice to taste. Why this? Whole grains, healthy fats, fiber, and lemon for detoxing. (I like these crackers – very tasty and naturally low in fat/calories if you’re keeping track.)

Banana + Justin’s chocolate hazlenut butter. Oh yes. This is so yummy! Why this? Protein, fiber, and a little sugar to give you a good pick-me-up. I’m talking like 2 TBSP of this, you can’t eat half the container… although you’ll be tempted. 😉

Soft boiled egg with a little black pepper (or an egg in any form… I like ’em poached). Cook, peel, slice in half and sprinkle with black pepper and a little paprika. Nobody wants to be be ‘that guy’ at work who brings boiled eggs to the office, but these taste so good I bet they’ll understand. 🙂 Why this? It’s a good idea to have some protein every time you eat, and eggs are a great source of it. Also, if you’re eating a few eggs per week, don’t be too concerned about the cholesterol content. There’s a ton of articles out there that talk smack about eggs, but in reality, there’s way more good than bad in there. Just don’t eat a dozen a week and you’re golden.

Raspberries (or any berry) + cheese (I LOVE pretty much any sheep’s milk cheese, but a couple ounces of any kind will do just fine.) I’ll usually eat 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup of berries and a little bit of cheese to hold me over until dinner. You can also substitute some kind of raw nut for the cheese if you’re vegan. I love raw cashews, almonds, and walnuts. Why this? Fiber and protein are very filling together and much better than reaching for anything out of a vending machine. Plus, raspberries are extremely anti-carcinogenic and are packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients. If you can find raw, unpasteurized cheese that’s even better. It’s got tons of healthy probiotics and enzymes that help with digestion.
Dark chocolate – 2oz in a day! Do I really need to convince you on this one? Also anti-carcinogenic, chocolate that’s at least 70% cocoa is extremely beneficial for the health. It improves circulation, inhibits the formation of bad cholesterol, it can improve your mood, and even gives you a little caffeine boost. Snack MVP. 😉
Discuss! What’d I miss? Your favorite thing that isn’t on here.

Weekends are for eating chocolate

Last night was filled with good food and productive work, which is like Adrien’s and my favorite things combined 😉

French onion soup, which inspired the conversation that led to us finishing the first complete outline for my book, thanks to Adrien’s encouragement! 🙂
Grouper tacos
Very yummy!

Afterwards we walked around St. Pete and saw this extremely tiny dog which warranted lots of unnecessary goo-goo ga-ga-ing from every passerby in its vicinity.
Today’s WF loot:
Organic berries on sale! Yes! Green fruits and veggies for juicing, to include purple kale, spinach, celery and green apples. Also, a lot of dark chocolate stuff. You know… for our health. 😉

Sadly, the above picture is a mere fraction of what we walked away with after leaving our favorite over-priced grocery store. They have like TWO entire walls full of different kinds of chocolate!
Whole Foods, just lemme pay my eighty bucks for six things and get the ‘eff out! They reel us in every time… I’m weak, what can I say.

Now I’ve got to make a few quick edits before finishing out our day (2 oz of 70% dark chocolate per day is beneficial! Don’t judge me!)
BTW, I promise yoga stuff is coming your way VERY soon! I’m working and re-working poses and reading your requests. Be patient. 🙂

Discuss! Favorite overpriced item to buy at the grocery store. Right now mine would definitely be Jason’s chocolate hazlenut butter. It’s like a healthier version of Nutella with only 7g of sugar per serving as opposed to 21g in the other stuff. That’s more than cake frosting! Plus, this is all natural and made with real, whole foods. A dollop in my oatmeal and I’m a happy camper.

Girl stuff + food stuff

I’m definitely not any kind of fashionista, but that makes this post even more relavent because nobody actually wears stuff of the fashion world because it’s usually pretty bizarre.

That being said, here’s a list of some things I’m in the market for this weekend:

Loafers for girls! Thinking of wearing these with cropped white jeans and a bright blazer.
A denim button down shirt. They’re not just for the Mickey Mouse Club anymore! So elegant.
Boyfriend jeans: I have a hard time pulling off the “laid back” look without looking like a homeless wreck. These might work. But seriously, who stands like this?! haha, dorky…
A casual watch. I have a couple of the chunky, trendy Michael Kors ones, but I kind of want something plain for the warmer months.

 Today’s eats!
Oats, blueberries, bananas, splash of milk, chia seeds, chocolate hazelnut butter.

We made some green juice with carrots, green apples, celery, kale, spinach, and ginger.

Tea! Yum! Citrus lavender sage… amazing.

Recent buys, both from OpenSky!
This clutch.
A measuring cup that measures AND weighs your food at the same time! This is amazing for baking. If you’ve ever read a recipe that asks for 7.5 oz of flour, etc. It holds up to 36 oz and 6.6 lbs! So excited for this one to arrive.
Discuss: What fashion/foodie staples am I leaving out?

I’ll be back tomorrow with some yoga stuff. 🙂

Big, huge, gigantasaurus day!

Day started off delicious with some oats with chocolate hazlenut butter, goji berries, banana, brown rice crispies and a splash of milk. Oh, and some Choffy which pretty much rocked our world.
I was munching on this and didn’t think my day could get any better…

until it did.
Our very dear friends became parents for the first time to a beautiful, perfect baby girl. She’s adorable and what made the whole experience even sweeter was that Adrien is totally smitten. Melt. My. Heart. Seriously.

Not ready to be parents, but totally ready to be the halfway aunt and uncle. 😉

Up Close and Personal: Part II

There is no shortage of absurdity in this house which is why I have so much material for part II of my TMI post.

  • Sometimes I worry that one day I’ll accidentally puree my hand in the garbage disposal. Final Destination style.
  • I have mentally mapped out a Home Alone-esque escape route from my house in the event a rapist breaks in and I need to finagle my way out of a tricky situation.
  • Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day to prevent cavities and decay. I brush three times just to be safe.
  • While we’re on the subject of teeth, I also have thinning enamel (!!!) which basically means my teeth are soft which basically means my teeth could just crumble and fall out of my head at any minute. This makes me afraid. The dentist said that’s imposible but let’s be frank – what the heck does she know?
  • Lately I’ve been obsessed with my cholesterol. Not even tracking it, just thinking about it. The other day I got a full fat latte and gave myself the disapproving finger wag before silently thinking, “Oooo, this is really not good for your cholesterol…”

I need to be stopped! This is the kind of crazy that usually warrants medication.

After a slightly stressful afternoon, I don’t feel like cooking. I made us a couple open faced egg sandwiches with a salad and we’re calling it a night on the couch with a little Modern Family. 🙂

Tonight’s egg mix-ins: nutritional yeast, oregano, basil, black pepper, crushed red pepper,     & a little sharp cheddar cheese all piled on top of spelt toast.

Oh, and stay tuned… per your requests, I’ll have yoga vlogs coming soon. I’m taking requests for poses and/or particular areas to focus on… now! 🙂