Weekends are for eating chocolate

Last night was filled with good food and productive work, which is like Adrien’s and my favorite things combined 😉

French onion soup, which inspired the conversation that led to us finishing the first complete outline for my book, thanks to Adrien’s encouragement! 🙂
Grouper tacos
Very yummy!

Afterwards we walked around St. Pete and saw this extremely tiny dog which warranted lots of unnecessary goo-goo ga-ga-ing from every passerby in its vicinity.
Today’s WF loot:
Organic berries on sale! Yes! Green fruits and veggies for juicing, to include purple kale, spinach, celery and green apples. Also, a lot of dark chocolate stuff. You know… for our health. 😉

Sadly, the above picture is a mere fraction of what we walked away with after leaving our favorite over-priced grocery store. They have like TWO entire walls full of different kinds of chocolate!
Whole Foods, just lemme pay my eighty bucks for six things and get the ‘eff out! They reel us in every time… I’m weak, what can I say.

Now I’ve got to make a few quick edits before finishing out our day (2 oz of 70% dark chocolate per day is beneficial! Don’t judge me!)
BTW, I promise yoga stuff is coming your way VERY soon! I’m working and re-working poses and reading your requests. Be patient. 🙂

Discuss! Favorite overpriced item to buy at the grocery store. Right now mine would definitely be Jason’s chocolate hazlenut butter. It’s like a healthier version of Nutella with only 7g of sugar per serving as opposed to 21g in the other stuff. That’s more than cake frosting! Plus, this is all natural and made with real, whole foods. A dollop in my oatmeal and I’m a happy camper.


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