Healthy snacking

As I’ve said before, I detest diet food. Anything sugar free, substitutes for real stuff, low fat, low calorie… just no. I’d rather eat real cheese than some fat free version made in a Kraft lab. Real, whole foods are so much better for you than anything artificial, just keep bad fats and sugars in check and in moderation. I know it sounds hippy-ish, but I really think we absorb more from our food when we thoroughly enjoy it instead of convincing ourselves to eat something that just doesn’t taste good.

OK, I’ll jump off my soapbox now so I can share some of my favorite snacks with you. :] I hate being hungry so I eat a lot throughout the day, just in small quantities. Toss the sugar free pudding because I have some better options for ya!

The Usual Suspects over here:
Rosemary crackers/toast with a few slices of avocado on top. Add a pinch of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice to taste. Why this? Whole grains, healthy fats, fiber, and lemon for detoxing. (I like these crackers – very tasty and naturally low in fat/calories if you’re keeping track.)

Banana + Justin’s chocolate hazlenut butter. Oh yes. This is so yummy! Why this? Protein, fiber, and a little sugar to give you a good pick-me-up. I’m talking like 2 TBSP of this, you can’t eat half the container… although you’ll be tempted. 😉

Soft boiled egg with a little black pepper (or an egg in any form… I like ’em poached). Cook, peel, slice in half and sprinkle with black pepper and a little paprika. Nobody wants to be be ‘that guy’ at work who brings boiled eggs to the office, but these taste so good I bet they’ll understand. 🙂 Why this? It’s a good idea to have some protein every time you eat, and eggs are a great source of it. Also, if you’re eating a few eggs per week, don’t be too concerned about the cholesterol content. There’s a ton of articles out there that talk smack about eggs, but in reality, there’s way more good than bad in there. Just don’t eat a dozen a week and you’re golden.

Raspberries (or any berry) + cheese (I LOVE pretty much any sheep’s milk cheese, but a couple ounces of any kind will do just fine.) I’ll usually eat 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup of berries and a little bit of cheese to hold me over until dinner. You can also substitute some kind of raw nut for the cheese if you’re vegan. I love raw cashews, almonds, and walnuts. Why this? Fiber and protein are very filling together and much better than reaching for anything out of a vending machine. Plus, raspberries are extremely anti-carcinogenic and are packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients. If you can find raw, unpasteurized cheese that’s even better. It’s got tons of healthy probiotics and enzymes that help with digestion.
Dark chocolate – 2oz in a day! Do I really need to convince you on this one? Also anti-carcinogenic, chocolate that’s at least 70% cocoa is extremely beneficial for the health. It improves circulation, inhibits the formation of bad cholesterol, it can improve your mood, and even gives you a little caffeine boost. Snack MVP. 😉
Discuss! What’d I miss? Your favorite thing that isn’t on here.


2 thoughts on “Healthy snacking

  1. thanks for sharing! i’ve been obsessed with baked avocado fries but my all time fave is whole wheat piece of bread, cream cheese, smoked salmon on top with some sliced tomatoes and cucumber. delish!

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