Stay-at-home abs part III

ALL new stuff with this one. I did these in my class the other night and they were pretty intense. If you can manage to do three sets of 15 for each exercise, you’ll be killin’ it by the summer! ;-]

1. Planks with attitude.
Start in a regular plank with the hips nice and low so you have a long, neutral spine.
Next, lift one foot off the ground (doesn’t matter which side, because you’ll want to repeat whatever you do on the opposite one as well).
Finally, squeeze the lifted knee in towards the side ribs so you feel a good burn in the obliques!
Stay lifted, extend the leg back and keep on crunchin’! Do 15x each side.

2. Knee Circle Side Planks.
Start in a side plank with the wrist under the shoulder. (LOL @ my face!)
Bring the bottom knee up towards the chest so you get a crunch through the middle, keeping the hips lifted. Open the knee away from you and make 15 small circles in that direction. Try to keep the rest of the body stable while you circle the knee, that way the work is focused on the core.

3. Weighted bicycles.
Start with the knees over the hips and the arms extended over head.
Take the left hand and grab the opposite arm above the elbow. Extend the right leg forward and hover it above the ground.
Reach the right arm across the body towards the knee. It should feel like a diagonal crunch. Think right shoulder to opposite hip.
Repeat 15x on each side.

Let me know how you like it!


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