Spring Has Sprung – Springtime Quiche

I don’t know what it is about pastel colors but all this talk about Easter has made me really want to make a quiche!

So I did…
Springtime Quiche (makes 2 full pies):
2 crusts (they usually come in packs of 2, and I used Whole Foods’ whole wheat version)
8 eggs
GIGANTIC vidalia onions, diced (Or 6 bags of frozen chopped onions… yes 6! they cook down to about 1/4 of their size. Trust me. I only used 2 huge onions and that delicious sweet onion flavor was kinda weak!)
3 oz smoked salmon
about 1/4 cup heavy cream
Dill for garnishing
about 1.5 cups of shredded cheese (I used one of those Italian blend ones with mozzarella, asiago, parmesan.)

***Pay attention to cook temps! It changes halfway thru the cooking process!***
1. Preheat oven to 375*
2. Chop onions and toss into a pot over medium heat with a bit of olive oil (just a couple turns of the bottle around the pan). Stir frequently and cook until sweet and caramelized, which is about 50 mins – this is the longest part of it!
3. In a separate medium sized bowl, stir the eggs like you’re scrambling them and mix ’em with the cream and spices of choice (I used salt, pepper, & dried basil).
4. Back to the onions! Once they’re done, spread them evenly between the pie crusts. They will look pretty full – that’s good!
5. To finish up, pour the egg/cream mixture over each crust so it’s evenly distributed. Top the egg mixture with salmon. Sprinkle heavily with cheese. Sprinkle the dill on top to taste.
6. Cook on 375* for 15 mins, then reduce the heat to 350* and cook for another 25 mins.
7. Dig in! 🙂

We definitely had our share of eggs yesterday which we also ate for breakfast… Also, bacon may or may not have been involved. Here’s a hint: it definitely was.
Discuss! I love breakfast more than any meal. What’s your go-to favorite dish?




Dinner Flop

I always make these very grandiose proclamations and almost always disappoint myself, haha. For example…

Once upon a time I decided this would be the weekend I would make a million recipes I’ve been saving for a rainy day. The first would be this cheesy garlic bread:
The second would be this avocado lime pasta:
Then, to top it off I wanted to make something with cinnamon… and since a latte would be far too reasonable, I bookmarked this little beauty:
Cinnamon roll cake?! What kind of heavenly nonsense is that?!

In addition to the cookin’ stuff I also had about a million things planned to get done around the house. Impossible. Not enough hours. Grandiose proclamations that you cannot possibly fulfill = bad habit.

Needless to say, none of that foodie stuff happened because I didn’t feel too well once the afternoon hit and only felt like munching on some spelt toast with a little butter. All I have for you is this semi-star nub of bread. Yes, I chewed it down to that shape. Art, voila:
In other news, I bought these…
… and promptly returned them because they hurt my feet so badly! I ordered them online so I didn’t know what I was in for. I think I hated these more than I hated my Tory flats. And by now we all know how I feel about those.

The rest of the evening will be spent passively watching Hoarders while I start on the second book in the Hunger Games series! The first was pretty good, but I’m not sure I fully get all the hype.

Discuss! Have you read any of the Hunger Games books? What do you think?? I’m always a little skeptical around things that have that kind of crazy attention, but a lot of times it’s actually legit. Like Eat, Pray, Love… oh my goodness I LOVED that book! I should probably stop right there, but I also loved the Twilight series 🙂 Whatevs, it’s all good stuff! What’s one ridiculous trend you jumped on board with? Don’t leave me hangin’ here! 😉

P.S. Comin’ at ya with a Yoga for Stress Relief video soon!  


As promised, here’s a video. A very brief headstand tutorial with what I consider the two main components you need to remember to be able to stick this pose. Also, sorry my legs are cut off. 🙂 Honestly it doesn’t matter because all the work here is in your core, your shoulders, and being aware of your alignment (think: hips over shoulders!)

 I got this request via e-mail from a few days ago but it’s on to the next one. What do you want to see next?! 😉 Comment or shoot me an e-mail at erin.motz@gmail.com

The Book Journey

I’m pretty far along in this children’s book journey, and while I’m nearing the end of the writing process, there’s still a lot to do. I have to finish the illustrations, get the marketing ready, and think of about a hundred different things that I can’t talk about here quite yet (shh! I’ll debut my little character VERY soon!) Each looming next step feels totally insurmountable and impossible but every time, without fail, my inspiration just steps up at the last minute and BAM! My little muse brings her A-game and we buckle down and do this thing.

Despite the fact that I know this, I’m still looking at the very near inevitability of putting a storyboard together and I’m thinking, “Oh, sh*t! How do I do that?!” I’m totally blind through this process but that usually ends up being a way funner (yes, funner!) journey than one where you know all the twists and turns.
Discuss!  Sooo let’s have a little chat. I’ve got a fun workout for you tomorrow… with a video… maybe! Once again Adrien really really really wanted to have me show you guys something I’ve been working on and I caved, so I’ll say that a video exists… but OMAHGAWSH I hate being on camera so I don’t know if it’ll actually go up. Like hate it. Quadruple hate it. Hate it times infinity. So every time I look at it again to trim it I just want to bury my head on the sand.

What make you just want to collapse in a heap of embarrassment? Do you face it or run in the other direction?

Spring Colors

Today I picked up a few little things at J. Crew…

The Perfect Linen Shirt
in Navy, which fits like so (I seriously couldn’t find this on the website, but I found this pic over here):
I love that it’s slouchy and relaxed. It reminds me of Monaco!

Also got the cropped matchstick jeans in white:
They’re super soft and flatter amazingly well — I’m probably gonna be wearing these every Saturday for the next month! 😉 (Those shoes in the pic are totally weird with that outfit, but I’m thinking wedges?)

… & apparently I’m really digging the skinny look because I also nabbed these Minnie’s in black, but was tempted to jump right in with this gorgeous tangerine variety:
What do you think of these super bright accents for spring? I’m sort of loving them! I was thisclose to getting a pair of emerald green shorts and/or those bright crops a la Kate Middleton…
... but ultimately went with something a little more neutral and was thinking I’ll go to Forever XXI for a cheaper variety of the brights. I’d be pretty upset in 3 months my $90 neon jeans are no longer relevant, am I right?!

Discuss! What’s your Spring must-have? A girly loafer? Are you getting in to the color-blocking trend? So many choices! 😉

Everybody Loves a Good List!

I might prefer sitting in a tub of ice, getting a root canal, or being waterboarded before walking around in Tory Burch flats for an entire day. They’re SO uncomfortable! The leather is stiff and the back digs into my heel.

For serious. That’s one of the more regrettable $200 decisions I’ve made. Adrien freaked out when I bought them last year…
… and not even because they’re so beautiful.

I wear them often just out of guilt because they cost so much, but they are THE most uncomfortable shoes on earth. They hurt every part of my foot, and I much prefer other pairs that cost 1/3 of that price.

But a better side of this story is that there are plenty of things I would buy a million times over if I needed to:

1. My food processor! I have a classic (and by “classic” I mean “old”) Cuisinart and I use this thing constantly. I make sauces, soups, purees, and even smoothies when my blender is on the fritz. Fun fact: I used to have a magic bullet for about 5 minutes but word to the wise… that thing is a piece of garbage. Returned. 

2. The manduka black mat pro. If you do yoga regularly, I cannot recommend this mat highly enough. I’ve had it for a solid 5 years and it still looks brand new. It withstands 100*+ heat: I teach/do hot power yoga for 75 minutes on a regular basis, I leave it in the car during the summer, and I use it outside. It’s made with 100% recycled and nontoxic materials and there’s a lifetime warranty on it, so if it ever starts disintegrating like most cheaper ones do, you can return it and get your money back. It doesn’t slide around or bunch up beneath you, it’s sticky enough so your hands/feet don’t slip, it’s padded without being squishy (I never feel my hips or knees digging into the floor) and it lasts forever. And that’s my love story to Manduka.

3. Nike Free Runners. And now they’re on sale. Of course! But these are awesome for running, walking, cross-training, dog walking, kid wrangling, and require no breaking in. Good enough for me!

Those are just the first few things that jump to the top of my list of things I would buy over and over… Sorry, Tory! You can get the heck outta here!

Cake in this B!

I don’t need much of an excuse to eat chocolate, but it was my Dad’s birthday, so I had even more of a reason to bake something extreme.

Enter German Chocolate Cake!
I made this baby from scratch and although it took about 5 hours with prep and baking and assembly… it was well worth the effort. It was like, black out good.

Coconut and toasted pecans and dark chocolate… can’t really mess that combo up.
I used this recipe by David Lebovitz. He also wrote one of the most enjoyable books I read last year, The Sweet Life in Paris. Seriously, if you’re looking for a good read that’s light and fun, I’d highly recommend this one. I love stories of gutsy, somewhat impulsive people who move to Europe 😉 and if you’ve ever been to France or plan on going, you’ll have an even greater appreciation of this book. It’s extremely funny and made me feel like I was living in a cozy Parisian apartment sitting catty-corner to a quaint boulangerie. Heaven.

After we awoke from our food coma we prepped for the week. Knowing it was almost Monday, this pretty much sums up my sentiment:

Discuss! What are your thoughts on meditation? Yoga teacher status aside, I think the benefits are crazy awesome, but I sadly fall into the category of people who find no time to take 15 minutes for silence on a daily basis. Then I read this article and it really got me thinking… what would change if I made it a habit, even for 30 days? Can you see yourself doing this? Have you ever made a small change and it yielded huge results?

Meditation for 30 days: before & after. Read the article here!