Obscenely Shaped Vegetables

This morning’s farmer’s market had some interesting goodies.

Exhibit A: A comically huge zucchini. This thing was like, one artificial hormone away from becoming the hulk! “You won’t like me when I’m angry!”
I DID, however, pick up a few regular sized zukes along with some other stuff. Including a bunch of yellow Roma tomatoes that I can’t wait to prepare in a salad. BTW all of this stuff is organic and cost me around $8! Pays to buy local. 😉
After my trip to the veggie place, I noticed this Italian guy (and who spoke no english BTW) handing out free samples of his buffalo mozzarella. After waiting for 40 people to taste and make their purchases, I did the same and walked away with $14 cheese, haha. Super excited until I got home and saw this little number:
Umm, are you seeing that red BOLD text? Oh but of COURSE I would eat something made exclusively for animals! Honestly, I think it’s a packaging error because this guy was clearly giving samples to the HUMANS in his line. The 40 people who went ahead of me can’t be wrong, right?! Thoughts? To eat or not to eat? That is the $14 question!

The next snack I got is definitely “people food.” Chips and salsa verde is a food combo that I could eat for infinity. Like, without stopping. The only reason why I put the stuff away is out of pure logic… and even that’s questionable! How about you? What’s the food you’re a bottomless pit for?
And then there was none. (Fun thing! The owner of this company drives down to St. Pete from Atlanta for the market every weekend to sell his salsas. That’s dedication.)
And lastly, I’ll leave you with something that compliments the pseudo-summertime weather we’re having here in Tampa today and is pretty much calorie-less: The POM-tail (yeah, not a real thing ;-))

8oz Perrier Citron
splash of POM juice
sprig of mint

Even the kiddos can enjoy this one and I bet no one would tell if you snuck in a little bit of your favorite “adult” beverage. 😉 Enjoy.



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