Chez Motz

I’m a big fan of dinnertime and eating in restaurants. Most of the time we eat at home, but either way I like having a full and healthy meal complete with some combination of a side salad, protein, veggie, and dessert… and some sourdough bread if someone makes me.

“Sparkling or still?”
We’re wild and crazy kids – drinkin’ Perrier straight form the bottle on a Monday night!
I had a few things at home that would make a pretty close-enough-to-restaurant-experience type of dinner and thought I’d share with you all. Plus, it only took me about 20 minutes from prep to plate. Can’t beat that!

It’s the art of the semi-homemade.

What to buy:
Organic Broccoli = $2.49 (Target)
Tikka Masala = $4 (Whole Foods)
Hormone-free chicken = $5 (Target)
Organic heavy whipping cream = $2.79 (Target)
Whole Grain cous cous = $1 (BOGO at Publix!)
Perrier Citron = $1.50 (Publix)
Organic cookie dough by Immaculate Baking Co. = $3.50 (on sale @ Publix!)

~$19 for two people + we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
But wait… Are you ready for a giveaway? Coming Wednesday!!! 😀


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