Hey, it’s a GIVEAWAY! {ended}

WINNER! Jon Q! I’ll e-mail you tomorrow with details. :-]
I talk a LOT about Garlic Gold and I use it constantly. It’s delicious and full of garlic-y flavor and it’s crunchy!

I put it in pasta, eggs, on top of veggies, in my salads – pretty much anywhere. It makes  savory foods even better. They came out with a couple new flavors and one of our friends over there (she also has a beautiful blog that’s full of good ideas for the foodie in you) sent me some to try out. Gotta say… love it!

I sprinkled some of the southwest blend on my eggs this morning but ate them too quickly to snap a picture (typical!).

They’re gonna hook you up with two shakers – one of each of the ones above. All you gotta do is leave your comment below and you’ll be entered. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow evening after 8PM sometime. Get commenting! 😉


23 thoughts on “Hey, it’s a GIVEAWAY! {ended}

  1. Sounds delish!! I love garlic–stinky breath and all!! So much more acceptable than raw onion breath in my opinion 🙂

  2. Friend of Cindi Allison and popped over here on her recommendation. look forward to getting to know you and your products!

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