Burgundy Bombshell Smoothie

Busiest days = really horrible eating for me. My meals today consisted of the following: two (TWO!) donuts, a sandwich on white bread, a couple handfulls of chips, 3 clementines, a sample size caramel latte at Starbucks, and a small slice of pizza. <– WOW! Sooo unlike me! I like eating tasty food, but my idea of “tasty” is not Dunkin or Dominos!

I feel like I need to detox this weekend so I can move into next week feeling refreshed. Join me in my mini-quest! It begins this evening with a Burgundy Bombshell Smoothie:

Serves two very nutrient-deprived adults (or a hoard of children!):
2 cups frozen mixed berries
1 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 medium banana
one large bunch of spinach, stems removed (“large” being about 2-3 cups)
2 scoops of your fave protein powder (I used vanilla Sun Warrior)
1 hefty scoop of spirulina powder (I like this one by Frontier)
probiotics of choice
Sprinkle with raw cacao nibs and…

Voila! There’s a tree in my smoothie!
Okay, more like this:
SO. Good! And satisfying. It’s super thick, icy cold, full of antioxidants, fiber, fruits and veggies, and deliciousness!

Served with a side of Kale Krisps hot out of the oven…
What other mix-ins do I add to the Bombshell?
Discuss! Random question, but I have to know for publishing purposes ;-] How do you feel about kids and iPads? I mean VERY young kids, like ages 3-7. Not as a “babysitter,” but simply as an interactive toy that they can do what kids used to do on a game board, with a book, an educational toy, etc. Is it too pricey? Does it corrupt their “untouched” environment? Are electronics bad for kids?


6 thoughts on “Burgundy Bombshell Smoothie

  1. Yum! I will have to try this… I was very against iPads for young children until I got one and my one year old figured it out. We only have educational “games” that she plays VERY rarely. ( Animal sounds, shapes, numbers) I do not agree with using it as a babysitter or something to keep a child busy though….

    • Definitely not on board with the iPad as a babysitter… but I DO think there’s a place for it especially with books. I like to see how people with young kids feel about it too. Thanks for your input! :-]

  2. Smoothies are my fave!! I have not tried the Sun Warrior brand. I like mine sweet, and preferably chocolatey, so I use liquid stevia in vanilla creme flavor to sweeten the not-so-sweet vegan protein powder i use (biochem vegan). I will also add some powdered fiber supplement sometimes.

    Kids LOVE the ipad,like love it ridiculous! I don’t think it’s too young. They know how to work remotes and cell phones and vtec laptops- ipad is just their generations ‘ television, or see and say, or teddy ruxpin- you get the idea. They are growing up with that technology, and so if properly monitored, it can be a fun toy and a learning tool. BTW-my 2 year old niece wanted to play angry birds on my phone. I had to install it, I had no idea how to even play, and she beat two levels by herself. Baby frickin geniuses!

    • I’ve tried a couple fiber supplements but they’re always kinda blah. So I just stick with probiotics bc they’re easier to mix into stuff.

      Yah! I think iPads are gonna be a cultural staple for that generation. I’m really leaning towards that medium for the book too which is why I ask. I’m sure this is very unscientific, but dude, google babies playing with iPads. Baby geniuses is right! It’s just intuitive!

  3. First, a question (or two):
    Do you think there is a big difference between sun warrior raw and their vegan protein powder? I emailed for samples as you recommended and I must say, it’s the first vegan protein powder I’ve tried that didn’t taste like grass and dirt. Very refreshing! Also, is it available in stores or only online?

    And now a comment:
    I generally think toddlers and iPads/iPhones don’t belong together. But, I have seen Zoe (2yrs old) use an iPad for memory and puzzle games, which are educational. For convenience on the go, I think it makes sense. But I think I’d like to see kids with the old school gear on a regular basis. Although, less toys to make a mess…I think the conversation could go on and on…

    • The only difference between them is the “raw” factor. Raw foods are supposed to be exponentially better for you, the argument being that the benefits/nutrients are preserved because they aren’t heated above a certain temperature in their preparation. Honestly, I personally don’t always buy into that philosophy. The raw version is a little grittier than the other, which is why I just get the regular vegan one. I’ve never seen them sold anywhere! Not even Whole Foods which is strange…

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