Spring Colors

Today I picked up a few little things at J. Crew…

The Perfect Linen Shirt
in Navy, which fits like so (I seriously couldn’t find this on the website, but I found this pic over here):
I love that it’s slouchy and relaxed. It reminds me of Monaco!

Also got the cropped matchstick jeans in white:
They’re super soft and flatter amazingly well — I’m probably gonna be wearing these every Saturday for the next month! 😉 (Those shoes in the pic are totally weird with that outfit, but I’m thinking wedges?)

… & apparently I’m really digging the skinny look because I also nabbed these Minnie’s in black, but was tempted to jump right in with this gorgeous tangerine variety:
What do you think of these super bright accents for spring? I’m sort of loving them! I was thisclose to getting a pair of emerald green shorts and/or those bright crops a la Kate Middleton…
... but ultimately went with something a little more neutral and was thinking I’ll go to Forever XXI for a cheaper variety of the brights. I’d be pretty upset in 3 months my $90 neon jeans are no longer relevant, am I right?!

Discuss! What’s your Spring must-have? A girly loafer? Are you getting in to the color-blocking trend? So many choices! 😉


4 thoughts on “Spring Colors

  1. So glad you commented on my blog because I love yours! And I really, really love your new wardrobe additions from J. Crew. I just ordered a bathing suit and coverup online from them and am siked for it all to arrive. Seriously wanting those white matchstick jeans now too though.

      • STOP. Why did I never know that?! I know Ann Taylor Loft gives you 15% off, but I had no idea about J.Crew! Thank you! Going shopping this weekend.

  2. Please. J. Crew discounts are matters of the heart, I’d never lie! 😉 Also, try to keep it together but Banana Republic does the same. Happy shopping!

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