The Book Journey

I’m pretty far along in this children’s book journey, and while I’m nearing the end of the writing process, there’s still a lot to do. I have to finish the illustrations, get the marketing ready, and think of about a hundred different things that I can’t talk about here quite yet (shh! I’ll debut my little character VERY soon!) Each looming next step feels totally insurmountable and impossible but every time, without fail, my inspiration just steps up at the last minute and BAM! My little muse brings her A-game and we buckle down and do this thing.

Despite the fact that I know this, I’m still looking at the very near inevitability of putting a storyboard together and I’m thinking, “Oh, sh*t! How do I do that?!” I’m totally blind through this process but that usually ends up being a way funner (yes, funner!) journey than one where you know all the twists and turns.
Discuss!  Sooo let’s have a little chat. I’ve got a fun workout for you tomorrow… with a video… maybe! Once again Adrien really really really wanted to have me show you guys something I’ve been working on and I caved, so I’ll say that a video exists… but OMAHGAWSH I hate being on camera so I don’t know if it’ll actually go up. Like hate it. Quadruple hate it. Hate it times infinity. So every time I look at it again to trim it I just want to bury my head on the sand.

What make you just want to collapse in a heap of embarrassment? Do you face it or run in the other direction?


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