Disappearing Act

I’ve totally disappeared from the internet, but no, I didn’t go all Eat, Pray, Love on you and take off on a spiritual world tour.

But I have been up to a little of this:
 Eating A LOT of food:

Whole Foods did it again. This sourdough cranberry walnut bread that was so perfectly warm and chewy on the inside, and crusty and crunchy on the outside that I don’t even know what words to use to describe it. The crust broke off in perfectly crumbly shards that just melted my heart.
Breakfast. Cinnamon Rolls Mangos are in season and I’m eating them like it’s my job. So delicious! 

We found this great place in Clearwater called Shore:

Such a pretty place with fantastic food!
Also, in my absence there’s been plenty of yoga…

… but mostly a lot of staring at a blank computer screen waiting for inspiration for blogging or book writing… but there was none of that for anything! I would mostly sit down, decide I would do something productive, then get distracted and either do a million handstands (my current favorite thing to practice) or read The Hunger Games.

But! Yesterday I did find the inspiration to clean the kitchen like a mad woman.

Since I cant stand the smell of chemical-y cleaning things, I always buy natural cleaners like Shaklee or unscented Seventh Generation stuff when I run out of the other. I bought a big container of unscented SG dish soap and it’s plenty to refill our soap dispenser at least 10 times. Good stuff but kinda boring! When they say “unscented” they’re pretty serious about that, haha.

Fix? Add a dozen drops or so of essential oils! 

So I bought these Aura Cacia oils at Vitacost and after shipping it all only cost me about $10! That’s an awesome deal because at Whole Foods, each of these would cost about that much by itself.
So now my kitchen smells like citrus and my laundry smells like lavender. (Can you tell I’ve been low on writing material? Me writing about my cleaning regimen is like CNN reporting on paint drying. Short on news? You don’t say…) I’m still pretty excited about this little find. It’s the little things! 😉

And a little extra somethin’ for a good laugh:


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