Skies on Fire

The sunset really spoiled us and put on quite a show this evening. We had this to the west…

And this storm rolling in from the east…
I’ve been getting some things done for MindBodyGreen and will be coming to you next week with some more yoga for your living room – the best kind! Any requests for what you’d want to see next?! I love me some ab work, but what I love even more is when I have ideas from sweet friends! 🙂

I promise I’ll come back to you tomorrow with some sweet, simple, and – ahem – adult recipes that’ll fill your weekend with… I don’t know, good things! 🙂

To tide you over ’til then, here’s an unreasonable but worth-it purchase I made this week:
A Michael Kors iPhone wristlet! It even SOUNDS superfluous, doesn’t it?! I’ve been eyeing this for weeks and finally just went and got it. It has a spot for my iPhone and plllenty of room for cards, cash, IDs and chapstick. And bonus! I’m not carrying my giant purse for errands anymore. It’s terrible for your back!

Tell me: What do you wanna see on MindBodyGreen?! Yoga poses? Healthy stuff? Commentary?  10 minute pilates worouts? 


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Forget it was Father’s Day in like 5 minutes (Okay, like 2 weeks, but still!)? Oh yeah, me too! I’m swooping in to save the day and give you some sweet ideas to fall back on when you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for last minute ideas. That never happens, right?! 😉 I won’t tell.

1. The Art of Shaving Kit – $100 (smaller sizes for about $25)
Love this stuff. It smells amazing and it’s so luxurious for someone who likes to take care of themselves. (Plus, it’s available at Sephora and if you buy it there you get those beauty insider points! Everybody wins!)

2.  YouBars – about $60 (or less)
For the fit and healthy Dad! Customizable protein/meal replacement bars, or granola, cookies, protein powder – you name it AND you make it. These are some of my favorite things ever! I’ve gotten them as gifts for people several times and I also buy them for myself too. It’s something that’s fun to do and so unique he’ll remember it forever.  (The YouBar Gift Box labeled “Most Popular” is the best deal and the one I ALWAYS get regardless of who/what it’s for.)

3. New Grill Set from William’s Sanoma – on sale for $80!
Honestly, whose Dad doesn’t like to grill a bunch of meat and have fancy tools to use while doing so? ‘Nuff said.

4. Foodzie Tasting Membership – $30
I just discovered this today and am obsessed. This is the coolest idea ever and you KNOW I got in on the action. If Dad’s a foodie like you, this is the perfect gift!

5. A few months of Netflix membership – $30 for about 3 months
This is so easy and gives Dad all the movies and video games (if that’s his thing) he could possibly wish for. It’s easy and inexpensive and really cool and even something you can combine with something else.

For even less expensive alternatives…

1. Take him to the driving range for some good memories! Seriously, it costs a few dollars to rent a bucket of balls and it’s sure to be a hilarious time. Last time I took my Dad, we ended up taking bets to see who could hit the little golf cart that buzzed around picking up balls. Hilarious and mature.

2. Beach/pool day. Do something Dad likes – bring a football/volleyball to the beach and toss it around for a while! Bring some food while you’re at it and picnic while you’re there. He’ll love it.

That’s all I got for ya right now, but if I think of some more, I’ll be sure to add them to the list. If I left any out, feel free to add to it below. 🙂

Taco Night

The weather can’t make up its mind today. Rain, sun, rain, thunder, sun, rain… Sun?? It’s trying!
I gave in to peer pressure from this gal and made tacos that tasted amazing because nothing tastes more American on Memorial Day than tacos, right?! 😉 The proof is in that beefy, oniony, spicy base. They were messy and glorious! I’m still licking the sour cream and chili off my fingers over here!
And tomato salad, because that’s always a good choice.
I’m working on a couple big projects this week that I’m super excited for! What’s on your plate? Anything delicious, inspiring, exciting, funny, new? Do share! I’ll leave you with this…

Dinner is Brunch

How’s that long weekend coming along?!

We had a slow but amazing day. We went shopping at the mall where nothing fit me because every single store did away with their petite section. Despite the way our plus-size nation talks these days, no one’s favoring the size 0, let me tell you. But, that’s a post for another day, I suppose…

At least restaurants don’t discriminate! We came across Boca in South Tampa and I’m so glad we did. It had an elegant style house feel and the food? Oh, the food…
To start, we got a spinach salad drizzled with warm apple smoked bacon vinaigrette and a baked goat cheese medallion (the best part!). And we also split the tomato gaspacho. Really great. Everything is organic, local and amazingly well-priced! I also got a glass of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice. So delicious, I gulped it down in about a minute. No time for being a lady around here! (only had the iPhone for pics!)
And then came the sandwich. Smoked chicken, apple smoked bacon, manchego, and blueberry preserves on a pretzel bun. Interesting, no? So good! And the fries were amazing – fried in duck fat instead of lard (not sure how much “healthier” that is, but the flavor was excellent) and sprinkled with truffle oil and parmesan. Also, the ketchup was spiced with something which was supposed to taste “spiked” but instead tasted like Sprite! haha, not what they were going for but we liked it! 🙂
Then we came home and took a siesta. All that smoked meat will wear a person out! 😉

Cheers – I’m makin’ sangria tomorrow! Any sweet Memorial Day stories for me?


What were you craving today? I found some chicken bratwurst at Whole Foods and for some inexplicable reason these really called out to me. My German genes must be in rare form today!
All I used was carmelized Vidalia onions, a slice of cheese, and ketchup and mustard. The mustard was a WF store brand and it honestly tastes like a wet dog! I know – I hate to ruin this image for you, but that part was just… blech! I ended up just smearing it away, then it was delicious 😉

Mmmm, yah! (I said that with my best German accent, could you tell?!)…
And how cute is this onion?! It wasn’t bigger than a lemon and for some reason I was totally enamored. WF had organic Vidalias on sale for $0.99 a pound! Sweet deal! (Corny pun intended!)
It’s scorching hot outside today so I’m gonna pop open a cold one and settle on down for some MindBodyGreen article writing!

Rain Shower [GIVEAWAY!]

It’s a gorgeous night here! I love when it’s still daylight and we’re huddled on the couch while a light thunderstorm rumbles outside. I’ve been busy plucking away at my keyboard writing articles for MindBodyGreen (they’ll be going up starting tomorrow so be on the look out!)…
  so it seemed like a good day for Dominos to do the cooking.
I always get the thin crust with provolone, green peppers, roasted red peppers, and onions. Yummy! But you have to be careful with this one because that thin crust is deceiving – you can just keep eating and eating and eating because it’s really pretty light! Love the garlicky bread, too…

Speaking of garlic!

How about a Garlic Gold giveaway?! To enter, leave some comment love and tell me: What will you put your Garlic Gold on or in if you win? You’ve got til tomorrow-ish some time… Let’s say midnight!

Bam, go!

20-Minute Meal: Redneck Edition

I want to start this post by lowering your expectations. There is nothing elegant, interesting, or new here. There will be no special silverware or fancy plating. This is simply where the Southerner deep inside of you will come out to play. Or rodeo. Whichever.

Oddly enough, it was a conversation with a guy from Nevada that inspired this. He kept talking about this meal like it was the Holy Grail of dinners. Like, if he was on death row, shrimp and grits would be on the menu. The love ran that deep.
Anywho, it got me curious. In short, I get it. It was hearty without making you feel stuffed and can definitely be healthy with a few minor detours (which I just couldn’t bring myself to take!).

Shrimp & White Chedder Grits
Here’s what you need:
1 lb raw shrimp, deveined and peeled
1 lemon
2 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
olive oil
2 medium zucchini, chopped roughly
1/2 bag frozen roasted bell peppers (totally optional)
1/4 c chopped chives
2 c grits (you can use quinoa, too! I bet that’d be tasty!)
3 T butter (here’s where you can swap for something lighter)
2 greedy fistfulls dainty cups white cheddar
salt and pepper

For grits: Bring 3 c water to a boil with a pinch of salt. Stir in grits once it’s boiling then reduce heat to simmer for about 10 minutes. Once it’s cooked, stir in cheese until melty and glorious.

In the meantime, sautee shrimp with lemon juice, garlic, chives, salt and pepper with a bit of olive oil. Remove from pan and sautee veggies until tender and cooked through. Put shrimp back in pan to heat. Plate together and dig in.

So give me your best “You might be a redneck if…” joke and saddle up for the best gosh darn dinner of your week. Yee-haw.