High Steaks

Got a little surprise in the mail today that made me go like this:A case of my favorite Parmesan Garlic GoldMade steaks with GG and it was delicious even though we just went to Bern’s on Sunday. Deja vu!
With a Green-On-Green Salad: greens, fresh basil, avocado, broccoli sprouts, leeks. Dressing: olive oil, balsamic, garlic gold, fleck of crushed red pepper, dried basil, salt, and pepper.
We split a giant filet but we cut it in half before it was “finished” by Adrien’s standards. He has a tendency to cook his steaks well. I like ’em extra pink. (Where is my focus in this pic? Where my photographers at?! I need some direction here!)
Finishing up a snack now and then it’s yoga time. 🙂


4 thoughts on “High Steaks

  1. Parmesan garlic gold sounds awesome! Is that available at publix or just health food stores/whole foods??
    About the picture…I have a digital SLR camera, and took a photography class at The Morean Art Center in St. Pete. (I’m sure some place offers similar classes near you if interested) I had every intention of becoming a really good (amature at best) photographer, just for fun. Turns out, between my poor attention span and hectic schedule at the time, I absorbed very little. Of course the class didn’t come with a little book or cliff notes.
    So, now that my rambling has become far too long to be considered just a “comment”, I’ll attempt to close quickly with one guess–try holding the button down half way for a sec before you go all the way down to shoot. I THiNK that might help focus. But I could be totally wrong!!
    PS: I really enjoy your blog 🙂

    • That’s so cool! I’ve been YouTubing tutorials all evening for that same reason! I feel like it’d be such a shame to waste the capabilities of a camera like this, you know?!

      The press and wait thing — totally did it! I found the focus in the un-cropped picture… which is in the top left hand corner of the full version on a lampshade that’s not even part of this, haha.

      Aaaaand now that I’ve written you a novel, I’m gonna go put all my YouTube lessons to good use. 😉 And I’m super glad you’re a fan! 😀

    • We cook them about once a week so we’re pros by now!

      Heat pan over medium-high heat (for gas stoves… For regular glass tops I’d stick with medium) and let it get HOT. Salt, pepper, garlic your steak on both sides before putting it in the pan. Wet your finger tips with cold water and flick over the pan. If it makes that “tssss” sound nice and strong, you can put the steak down (sounds a little silly, but making sure the pan is nice and hot makes a big difference – gives you a good crust on the outside that way). Sear one side for about 10 mins if it’s in the 1.5 in thick neighborhood (if you like it red, longer if you want it well done). Flip and cook another 10. Most important!! DO NOT cut into it for about 10 mins once it’s done, and not while it’s cooking to check for doneness. This makes such a big difference. All the juices stay in this way and it stays extra flavorful. Golden rule I never break: don’t mess with it while it cooks. Don’t press it, cut it, flip it 25 times. Flip once and leave it alone. Now you may graduate from steak school 😉 I think I’m gonna write a post about this!

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