There were too many pretty things in the produce section this afternoon, and I couldn’t decide what to pick. So I ended up with two variations of Izze! Lemon and Green Apple. Soo refreshing! I thought I had to pop the top off with one of those beer top openers, and felt super cool since I’ve actually never used one (!). Crazy, I know! But I don’t drink beer and no one close to me does either. But all that information was useless, because turns out, it was a twist top. Oops.
We had an awesome tomato salad with the heirloom tomatoes Whole Foods had on sale. Dice them up and mix in a bowl with 1/8 c olive oil, 4 T balsamic vinegar, 8-10 leaves chopped fresh basil, 1 clove chopped garlic, salt & pepper.

Washed & ready!
Dive into bowl.
And after all that nutrition and all my yoga this weekend, a good treat was in order. After my yoga workshop there was a snack tray full or oranges, grapes, berries and then a lonely container full of brownies. Guess which one I reached for? 😉 I’ll give you one guess. It’s in the same family of what was for dessert tonight.
Boom. Worth every calorie… although it’s not like I’m ever counting.

Speaking of yoga…
I met with my yogi soulmate, Kathryn Budig. We did some sweet inversions, arm balances, and a glorious Flow which was much needed. Plus, I came away with a sweet twist variation to bring to class on Tuesday!
Enjoy your weekend!


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