What were you craving today? I found some chicken bratwurst at Whole Foods and for some inexplicable reason these really called out to me. My German genes must be in rare form today!
All I used was carmelized Vidalia onions, a slice of cheese, and ketchup and mustard. The mustard was a WF store brand and it honestly tastes like a wet dog! I know – I hate to ruin this image for you, but that part was just… blech! I ended up just smearing it away, then it was delicious 😉

Mmmm, yah! (I said that with my best German accent, could you tell?!)…
And how cute is this onion?! It wasn’t bigger than a lemon and for some reason I was totally enamored. WF had organic Vidalias on sale for $0.99 a pound! Sweet deal! (Corny pun intended!)
It’s scorching hot outside today so I’m gonna pop open a cold one and settle on down for some MindBodyGreen article writing!


4 thoughts on “Deutschland

  1. I know this is an old post, but I’m having fun here. I had to comment because I too am German and until about a month ago, didn’t know how much I LOVE brats! I’ve eaten a brat at least twice a week since my discovery. I am so trying my next one with caramelized onions though. YUM. Where’s the kraut though?

    • Do you know what, I’ve never had saurkraut! I feel like I’d love it, because I imagine it to be kind of pickle flavored? Next time I eat a brat I’m gonna have to take the leap and get on that!

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