Taco Night

The weather can’t make up its mind today. Rain, sun, rain, thunder, sun, rain… Sun?? It’s trying!
I gave in to peer pressure from this gal and made tacos that tasted amazing because nothing tastes more American on Memorial Day than tacos, right?! 😉 The proof is in that beefy, oniony, spicy base. They were messy and glorious! I’m still licking the sour cream and chili off my fingers over here!
And tomato salad, because that’s always a good choice.
I’m working on a couple big projects this week that I’m super excited for! What’s on your plate? Anything delicious, inspiring, exciting, funny, new? Do share! I’ll leave you with this…


9 thoughts on “Taco Night

    • I am too! I collect them… on Pinterest, haha. But I probably have hundreds spread over notebooks and scraps of paper and unsaved word docs and who knows where else! It’s an addiction 😉

  1. Sounds like the weather here..Go downtown and you see skimpy shorts with winter boots, raincoats with flip flops, also loved the tank top with ski jacket. Just layer, and add
    a big bag to throw it all in when it’s sunny again : )

  2. Tacos are my all time favorite food, and those look delish!! Can’t wait to hear what you have up your sleeve! 🙂

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