Tales of Adult Babyhood

I’m teething! No, but seriously…

Which means nature reminded that I have wisdom teeth as they’ve been pushing themselves into my other teeth and making my ears ache and my jaw throb. It’s not even really that painful as much as it is just really uncomfortable. It feels very similar to when you’d have to go get your braces tightened. If you’ve never had braces, here’s how it goes: the orthodontist uses these plier-looking things to twist the brackets tighter which tightens the braces and slowly eventually pulls your teeth together. So your teeth and jaw just feel exhausted, heavy and sore. That’s what I feel like in this case only there are no teeth there! Very strange!

And what do you do with a child who’s teething? Give them treats! 🙂
Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Did you just let them grow in or get them pulled? Was it the worst thing ever?! I’m so scared! I go to the dentist for an x-ray Thursday, so cross your fingers that they’re coming in perfectly straight, there’s plenty of room in there and they can just stay put! Because there are some people who have a low tolerance for pain and there are others like myself, for example, and I have a zero tolerance for pain.  And that’s on a good day… every other day the tolerance drops to like a -3. True story.

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7 thoughts on “Tales of Adult Babyhood

  1. Oh Erin…you poor thing! That’s no bueno. I got my wisdom tooth (yup just one) pulled out five years ago..Right before my wedding..yea…that was lots of fun. Luckily, it came in perfectly straight. Oh, seeing your tolerance level, I shall be praying that the same happens to you as well!! Btw, I just want to grab those scrumptious morsels and put them in my mouth right now!

    • Please do because I have three of them! I just don’t think I can handle it haha. I’d be the biggest baby ever if I have to get them pulled.

  2. Yikes! Sounds uncomfortable. I have my wisdom teeth but my mouth is big enough to accommodate them. I knew there’d be a perk for having a big mouth one day :). Feel better Erin!

  3. I just had the last of my 3 pulled. I was joking about teething at the same time as my bubs! Haha. It is so uncomfortable, I was relieved to get them out. Pulling the tooth out didn’t hurt, it is just really uncomfortable afterwards for a few days. Good luck with it!!!

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