Le Toast

My wisdom teeth are gone and my appetite is back with a fury! Well, maybe it isn’t furious, but it’s basically what it was 5 days ago 😉

And thanks for all the well-wishes! It went soo super easy and I hardly felt anything in terms of pain. I slept all day on The Day, and rested the following morning, but was back to most of my regular routine after that. Basically, I mentally drew out a big dramatic story of how it would go and none of it came true.

So, today called for Toasted Almond French Toast, prepared by zee Frenchman of the house. I wish I had a recipe, too, but I think he sort of invented it on the fly. I’m not sure what he did, exactly, but I know it was baked in the oven which left the middle soft and chewy while the outside was crusty & crunchy.

Just sweet enough.
Here’s something weird: I only had 2 mini pieces! I ate so well these past few days and kind of feel amazing, so I’m all like, “Let’s try to keep that up!” I was the stereotypical Yogi while my mouth healed and ate a mostly vegan diet by default because those foods are the softest to chew. So, lots of green smoothies, fruits, veggies, soups, and applesauce. I even made it to the gym for some weights yesterday so I’m feeling very… svelte!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this picture, which for whatever reason, made me laugh like a maniac when I was half comatose:


4 thoughts on “Le Toast

  1. Yay! Sounds like my experience! Good thing since you don’t tolerate pain well hehe. Yumm..that looks delicious! What kind of bread did he use? Love it! Thick, soft and chewy! And that last picture! LOL!!

    • Hurray for easy wisdom teeth! 😀 And he used thin slices of French baguette. The key is actually keeping them thin – that way the ends tay crispy. The middle is still chewy (and awesome) but if you slice it too thick, it just tastes a bit soggy, oddly enough.

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