East to West

Went for a short run this evening and saw this crazy cloud system on the way out,
and the sunset on the way back home!
Today was one of those days where I just wanted to skip everywhere because I was in such a giddy mood. And of course I was because I found out that Yoganonymous wants to send me to the Yoga Journal Conference in Colorado next month!! Ahh, I’m just so excited! I’ve never been there and I can’t wait for mountain views, caribou, hiking, and rock climbing. On to what’s really important… here’s what I’m already thinking about: 😉

1. Getting a light yoga mat! I’m thinking the eKO Lite because I know I’ll need to bring one but my Pro weighs like 12lbs and isn’t really travel friendly. Anybody out there have another one in mind?

2. Can’t wait to live in my favorite leggings!  It’s not not like they don’t get plenty of wear as it is, but it’ll basically be my uniform for a whole week! No heels, slacks, skirts, or makeup. Winning.

3. October in the Colorado Rockies. I don’t even have words.
Those are just the first few things I’ve been obsessing over: weather, adventure, & leggings. Priorities. 🙂

Anything else we absolutely MUST do while we’re there?!


4 thoughts on “East to West

  1. OMG. WE MUST HAVE LUNCH. I go out to Colorado Springs pretty mush every month to see my love. I’ll be moving there, all fingers crossed, by the end of the year. Let me know where/when you’ll be in Colorado! The altitude really messes with me. I get severely fatigued, rather than short of breath. But, I am rather sensitive to pretty much everything, so you should be fine. Eat red meat to help your blood deliver oxygen. So frickin excited for you! Amazing! I miss you! Ttyl!

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