New Dawn

I’m very excited that September has arrived! For no other reason than in about 30 days, the humidity in Tampa should start to burn off and we’ll be left with pleasantly warm days and cool, breezy nights. But to take advantage of the hot hot heat, we went on a fantastic walk/hike yesterday…
Yoga for runners! …almost…
Got it!
We walked/ran about 5 miles and I got a pretty sexy farmer’s tan from the V cut in my shirt. Thanks for that, Florida!

The rest of the week was pretty crazy. It flew by because we were so busy and I don’t think my brain has had a chance to catch up. I’ve woken up every day at 4:30am, completely unable to kick the 2 hours of insomnia before falling back to sleep around 6:30am. So odd… BUT, my time at The Oasis at the RNC was fantastic! I met dozens of fascinating people and taught yoga to congressmen/women from all over the country.

Here’s the inside of The Oasis (go see my little interview on the Huffington Post over at this link right here!):
And this is upstairs, where the yoga classes were actually held:
(In this pic you can kind of see the goodies in the fridge – we could help ourselves to all the Vita Coco, POM juice, and Fiji water we could handle!)
Manduka hooked us up with some awesome tools to teach with, too!
Some swag I was lucky enough to pick up:
I got to talk quite a bit with Seane Corn and before she left on Thursday she hooked me up with a Manduka to take home 😉
Overall, great experience! In other news, I have a big project I’m about to unveil very shortly. Stay tuned for that and stay safe on this long holiday weekend!


5 thoughts on “New Dawn

  1. What an awesome experience!! So excited to hear about your big project 🙂

    Hope your insomnia gets better! I suffer from that myself every once in a while, and it’s definitely frustrating!

  2. that sounds like a blasty! you’d be proud- I’ve been loving yoga about twice a week! I totally should start doing more at home on my own too, but sometimes I just can’t get motivated without a class! one of my instructors is donating two classes today for the holiday, and all we have to do is bring 5 cans of food, so I am happy for a “cheaper” class! but I’m sick still, so hopefully I make it through!

    also the “mint” romney jar made me chuckle.

    Lastly, I loved the Huff. Post bit and what you had to say about “living a life of service”! beautiful words!

    have a great week and I hope that insomnia goes away soon!

    • Good job on all the yoga!! It’s awesome because it’s one of those activities where you FEEL results so quick! After a couple weeks you’re like, “Ooo, my warrior is stronger today!” 😉

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