Couldn’t wait to get home from work and pop open a cold one
I also found this picture (which I took) and remember making and eating them but cannot find the recipe for the life of me!! How sad is that?! I know it was a simple cheesecake recipe on top of a graham cracker crust with crumbled chocolate chip cookie dough dropped on top. If anyone wants to visually deconstruct this monstrosity and tell me how to recreate it, I’d be super grateful 😉
I got these Smarty Pants vitamins in the mail and find them delicious!! They’re gummies (for adults, DON’T JUDGE ME!) and taste almost exactly like those old-school Flinstone vitamins you probably ate as a kid. They have everything you need plus all the omegas… not a bad supplement, especially when it tastes like candy.
I’ll leave you with one last thing… I love this!


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