Livin’ in a dream

Can you blame us for spending half our morning outside? We’re trying to squeeze every last ounce out of these nice days before it gets so blistering hot, all we’ll want to do is draw the blindes shut and stay holed up inside!

But for now, it’s a whole lotta this!
And it’s been the perfect day for one of these, which reminds me of Italy. Of course that makes no sense because I never actually drank one of these in Italy, but nonetheless, I’ll take it! For now 😉

Keep an eye out – as promised I have a Yoga for Back & Hips post later today!!

And how about everyone else? What’s the plan for this Sunday afternoon? Anything good on your plate? We’re about to have some leftover homemade seafood pizza from last night which now that I think of it really reminds me of the pizzas we ate in Nice! It’s a European kinda weekend…



Skies on Fire

The sunset really spoiled us and put on quite a show this evening. We had this to the west…

And this storm rolling in from the east…
I’ve been getting some things done for MindBodyGreen and will be coming to you next week with some more yoga for your living room – the best kind! Any requests for what you’d want to see next?! I love me some ab work, but what I love even more is when I have ideas from sweet friends! 🙂

I promise I’ll come back to you tomorrow with some sweet, simple, and – ahem – adult recipes that’ll fill your weekend with… I don’t know, good things! 🙂

To tide you over ’til then, here’s an unreasonable but worth-it purchase I made this week:
A Michael Kors iPhone wristlet! It even SOUNDS superfluous, doesn’t it?! I’ve been eyeing this for weeks and finally just went and got it. It has a spot for my iPhone and plllenty of room for cards, cash, IDs and chapstick. And bonus! I’m not carrying my giant purse for errands anymore. It’s terrible for your back!

Tell me: What do you wanna see on MindBodyGreen?! Yoga poses? Healthy stuff? Commentary?  10 minute pilates worouts? 


What were you craving today? I found some chicken bratwurst at Whole Foods and for some inexplicable reason these really called out to me. My German genes must be in rare form today!
All I used was carmelized Vidalia onions, a slice of cheese, and ketchup and mustard. The mustard was a WF store brand and it honestly tastes like a wet dog! I know – I hate to ruin this image for you, but that part was just… blech! I ended up just smearing it away, then it was delicious 😉

Mmmm, yah! (I said that with my best German accent, could you tell?!)…
And how cute is this onion?! It wasn’t bigger than a lemon and for some reason I was totally enamored. WF had organic Vidalias on sale for $0.99 a pound! Sweet deal! (Corny pun intended!)
It’s scorching hot outside today so I’m gonna pop open a cold one and settle on down for some MindBodyGreen article writing!

Yogurt love

I’m trying to get away from cow’s milk since it’s really not great for you, and this yogurt is the best alternative one I’ve tried yet. Super creamy and super vanilla, it tastes like the real full fat stuff, but all the nutritional specs are just right.

Maybe if I wasn’t so busy spending $2 on bourgeois yogurt I’d have some change to get my manicure fixed!

Omelette Beast

2 whole eggs

1/8 c shredded cheese of choice (even vegan “cheese” has some protein in it, so it’s a decent substitute if you can’t have cow’s milk)

1.5 t nutritional yeast

sprinkle of garlic powder, black pepper, dried oregano and a dash of crushed red pepper

All to equal 24g of protein! Success!