Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Forget it was Father’s Day in like 5 minutes (Okay, like 2 weeks, but still!)? Oh yeah, me too! I’m swooping in to save the day and give you some sweet ideas to fall back on when you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for last minute ideas. That never happens, right?! 😉 I won’t tell.

1. The Art of Shaving Kit – $100 (smaller sizes for about $25)
Love this stuff. It smells amazing and it’s so luxurious for someone who likes to take care of themselves. (Plus, it’s available at Sephora and if you buy it there you get those beauty insider points! Everybody wins!)

2.  YouBars – about $60 (or less)
For the fit and healthy Dad! Customizable protein/meal replacement bars, or granola, cookies, protein powder – you name it AND you make it. These are some of my favorite things ever! I’ve gotten them as gifts for people several times and I also buy them for myself too. It’s something that’s fun to do and so unique he’ll remember it forever.  (The YouBar Gift Box labeled “Most Popular” is the best deal and the one I ALWAYS get regardless of who/what it’s for.)

3. New Grill Set from William’s Sanoma – on sale for $80!
Honestly, whose Dad doesn’t like to grill a bunch of meat and have fancy tools to use while doing so? ‘Nuff said.

4. Foodzie Tasting Membership – $30
I just discovered this today and am obsessed. This is the coolest idea ever and you KNOW I got in on the action. If Dad’s a foodie like you, this is the perfect gift!

5. A few months of Netflix membership – $30 for about 3 months
This is so easy and gives Dad all the movies and video games (if that’s his thing) he could possibly wish for. It’s easy and inexpensive and really cool and even something you can combine with something else.

For even less expensive alternatives…

1. Take him to the driving range for some good memories! Seriously, it costs a few dollars to rent a bucket of balls and it’s sure to be a hilarious time. Last time I took my Dad, we ended up taking bets to see who could hit the little golf cart that buzzed around picking up balls. Hilarious and mature.

2. Beach/pool day. Do something Dad likes – bring a football/volleyball to the beach and toss it around for a while! Bring some food while you’re at it and picnic while you’re there. He’ll love it.

That’s all I got for ya right now, but if I think of some more, I’ll be sure to add them to the list. If I left any out, feel free to add to it below. 🙂

Dinner is Brunch

How’s that long weekend coming along?!

We had a slow but amazing day. We went shopping at the mall where nothing fit me because every single store did away with their petite section. Despite the way our plus-size nation talks these days, no one’s favoring the size 0, let me tell you. But, that’s a post for another day, I suppose…

At least restaurants don’t discriminate! We came across Boca in South Tampa and I’m so glad we did. It had an elegant style house feel and the food? Oh, the food…
To start, we got a spinach salad drizzled with warm apple smoked bacon vinaigrette and a baked goat cheese medallion (the best part!). And we also split the tomato gaspacho. Really great. Everything is organic, local and amazingly well-priced! I also got a glass of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice. So delicious, I gulped it down in about a minute. No time for being a lady around here! (only had the iPhone for pics!)
And then came the sandwich. Smoked chicken, apple smoked bacon, manchego, and blueberry preserves on a pretzel bun. Interesting, no? So good! And the fries were amazing – fried in duck fat instead of lard (not sure how much “healthier” that is, but the flavor was excellent) and sprinkled with truffle oil and parmesan. Also, the ketchup was spiced with something which was supposed to taste “spiked” but instead tasted like Sprite! haha, not what they were going for but we liked it! 🙂
Then we came home and took a siesta. All that smoked meat will wear a person out! 😉

Cheers – I’m makin’ sangria tomorrow! Any sweet Memorial Day stories for me?


As promised, here’s a video. A very brief headstand tutorial with what I consider the two main components you need to remember to be able to stick this pose. Also, sorry my legs are cut off. 🙂 Honestly it doesn’t matter because all the work here is in your core, your shoulders, and being aware of your alignment (think: hips over shoulders!)

 I got this request via e-mail from a few days ago but it’s on to the next one. What do you want to see next?! 😉 Comment or shoot me an e-mail at erin.motz@gmail.com

Up Close & Personal: TMI Edition

From your favorite yoga teacher with the least amount of inner peace possible, I bring you a sampling of my irrational fears that invade my tiny psyche throughout the day:

  • Possibility of being in a car accident where I slide under the back end of an 18-wheeler that leaves me paralyzed and without any of my faculties (oh yeah, we’re starting this one off good!)
  • Getting flattened by a rogue truck on my evening run.
  •  When I wake up in the morning and walk downstairs to a dark, empty house, I immediately brace myself to be greeted by 50 men with knives.
  • Randomly being afraid that one day when I’m old, all my hair will fall out. (But of course!)
  • Any time the elevator door takes longer than half a second to open, I immediately think it’s stuck and the whole thing will just spontaneously burst in to flames.
  • I’ll think… my car is getting old and I’ve had SUCH good luck so far, I’m way overdue for a diasater. It should just stop working any day now. Like, I’m afraid I’ll be driving down 275 and the transmission will just fall out onto the street.

Why am I enumerating the many different absurd situations I mentally play out in a day? Because I know I’m definitely not the only one who does stuff like this. In my yoga classes, I always encourage everyone to put a distance between our physical selves and the thoughts/distractions that arise in our practice/lives. So, to almost see our experiences as if they were happening in a neutral space, not your personal one. I preach it in class, but always have to remind myself to do the same. This habit works for the daily annoyances that have The Frazzle Effect: rush hour traffic, missed your coffee this morning which set you off to a grumpy start, forgot to pay the cell phone bill, wanting something you can’t have right now, etc. When put into perspective, most of these worries are frivolous, and they rarely serve us. Usually when we let negativity tail-spin out of control, it leads us down other, even more ridiculous thought processes like, “What if my transmission falls out of my vehicle?!” I don’t think that’s even anatomically possible (anatomically? mechanically? sure). Creating that “distance” takes the pressure off the situation and allows you to see more clearly, that way you can get in to a more positive frame of mind.

Since my neurosis is so extreme ;-), I usually tell myself to knock it off and mentally take stock of all the things I’m grateful for:

  • being able to get out of bed and walk on two feet
  • a healthy mind and body
  • family and friends with the same
  • a partner I adore and makes me laugh daily til my stomach hurts
  • yoga/being able to teach it
     Then I can sit back and think that life is pretty good… and I probably won’t die in a freak accident. 😉

“What’s that smell?!”

Is one question you rarely want to ask when referring to something emanating from your vehicle (just go with me on this one, I promise you’ll take something away from this post, haha). Luckily it wasn’t my engine or anything burning, but I did stumble upon a forgotten coffee tumbler that had been in my car for… who knows how long. At least a week.

Gross, I know, but I rarely drive my car anywhere because we always take Adrien’s. Anyway, suffice it to say it was pretty rancid. A little leftover milk + heat + stuck in a car = general nastiness.

But now she’s all clean and I give totaly credit to my new favorite general cure-all:

Castille soap! It’s super grease and oder cutting… like, shockingly so. A 16 oz bottle costs ~$15 but you only need a few drops at a time. Also, it repels bugs! We had these weird little critters on our flowers and I mixed some of this with water, sprayed it all over, and they’re gone without damaging any of the greens.


And that’s my story. :-]

Pinterest + free time = lofty ideas

And I’m struggling. I had this grandiose plan of buying a bunch of cute, multi-colored file folders complete with typed up labels that would look “together” and “adult” so I could finally get organized. In my daydream, these folders held all my important stuff: finances, auto, health, receipts, coupons. You know. Some of these folders, namely the “coupon” folder would sit conveniently by the front door, so I could nonchalantly grab what I need from it on my way out. Made sense. So I tried it out…

I tackled the GIGANTIC paper monster that’s been haunting me for about a year…

That’s about half. And this is after I sorted and shredded about 20 lbs of paperwork that isn’t featured here.

And I put the stuff I always need at hand in something like this so I could leave it in the little cabinet by the front door.

Anyway, all of this sounded ahh-may-zing when I thought about it — and when I pinned it, hullo!

But then I actually implemented all this crap and realized it totally isn’t working! Who does this? My problem is probably a lack of planning, because I’ll go out for a grocery shopping trip and drive all the way to Whole Foods, whose neighbors are DSW and the Vitamin Shoppe. Both of whom sent me coupons. So at WF I get the brilliant idea to head on over to both so I can use said coupons, and WHAM! Then they’re nowhere to be found. Because instead of being balled up at the bottom of my purse where they be-long, they’re sitting in some stupid folder on our entry table. I miss the wad of papers in my purse that were always there. This is not a “mess,” this is accessibility. ;-]

Organization is nonsense. I do not recommend. UNPIN!


Speaking of coupons, good thing I didn’t need any to get these babies. Sam Edelman @ Nordstrom Rack 50% off! Snagged ‘em. I’ve needed leopard flats for like 5 months… Priorities.

Did you buy anything good on sale this week?!

Snack @ the mall + Hidden Gems

What does Erin love more than cooking and yoga?! Awesome deals!

I drink tea daily and usually multiple times a day, which is why I was all “SHUT! UP!” when I saw a sweet little tea accessory chillin’ all by itself over at Teavana today.

75% off! So I got it for $3.75 down from $15! Last one, too.

A friend at work noticed the huge dent in the back of the box and she goes, “It even looks like people fought over it!” Girl after my own heart.

So I got two treasures from my trip, which also included my fave iced tea concoction:

Ask for Apple Lemon Pomegranate & Blueberry Bliss mixed with 2tsp of the rock sugar. It’s just sweet enough. They usually use 1/4 cup of sugar and call that “mildly sweet.” Blech!

Next on my list: Choffy! Picture melted chocolate that tastes like coffee and cocoa. Come to mama! More on that when it arrives. :-]


This weekend! GIVEAWAY! Yay! It’s clothing, be ready. :-]

Something just for fun: