Thai Breaker

Let’s go for a drive! Destination: irrelevant!

That was our big plan for last night and ended up at Super Target to pick up some groceries – glamorous, I know. We couldn’t decide between Indian and Thai for dinner, and with the flip of a coin, it was Thai.
This morning we went to the Ybor market and picked up produce
and rosemary bread which makes my day!
We may have a little bread tonight, but we’re going heavy on the veggies since I ate 2.5 donuts from Nicola’s Donuts yesterday. YES!!! 2.5!!! And those things are monstrous. I feel like I need to go to confession or something… and the gym.
I’m not even a big donut fan in general, but these are like, designer donuts and they’re fantastic.
I wanna know how many calories/sugars that equaled out to, but maybe it’s best I don’t? Actually, I’m sure it’s best I don’t.



Dinner is Brunch

How’s that long weekend coming along?!

We had a slow but amazing day. We went shopping at the mall where nothing fit me because every single store did away with their petite section. Despite the way our plus-size nation talks these days, no one’s favoring the size 0, let me tell you. But, that’s a post for another day, I suppose…

At least restaurants don’t discriminate! We came across Boca in South Tampa and I’m so glad we did. It had an elegant style house feel and the food? Oh, the food…
To start, we got a spinach salad drizzled with warm apple smoked bacon vinaigrette and a baked goat cheese medallion (the best part!). And we also split the tomato gaspacho. Really great. Everything is organic, local and amazingly well-priced! I also got a glass of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice. So delicious, I gulped it down in about a minute. No time for being a lady around here! (only had the iPhone for pics!)
And then came the sandwich. Smoked chicken, apple smoked bacon, manchego, and blueberry preserves on a pretzel bun. Interesting, no? So good! And the fries were amazing – fried in duck fat instead of lard (not sure how much “healthier” that is, but the flavor was excellent) and sprinkled with truffle oil and parmesan. Also, the ketchup was spiced with something which was supposed to taste “spiked” but instead tasted like Sprite! haha, not what they were going for but we liked it! 🙂
Then we came home and took a siesta. All that smoked meat will wear a person out! 😉

Cheers – I’m makin’ sangria tomorrow! Any sweet Memorial Day stories for me?